Monday, 8 August 2011

Meeting of Styles - October 8th - Hornsey Road


Meeting of Styles - October 8th - Hornsey Road
(behind Holloway Road Station) 12 'til 12

Endoftheline presents the London Meeting of Styles - the UK's premier showcase of spraycan art. Featuring over 60 of Europe's best graffiti writers and artists, this independent event provides a unique platform for expression, raising awareness and demonstrating the incredible talent of this generation of contemporary artists.

Aerosol art, by it's very nature, doesn't live comfortably in gallery spaces or alongside corporate sponsorship, as such Meeting of Styles is curated by and for the artists. A free event, it's not run for profit and relies on no sponsors. This independence means the artists involved aren't beholden to anyone's agendas or subject to any form of censorship.

Now in it's fourth year, Meeting of Styles is family friendly and full of good vibes. Aside from the chance to see a veritable army of talented artists painting live, there'll be a cinema with a Reeps1 Beatbox installation, competitions, licensed bars, and cult carnivores - Meateasy providing the BBQ. DJs and MCs keep things rocking outside in the daytime whilst the likes of Lazy Habits, DJ Mylon, Rolls Royce, Trol23, and DJ Format on the ones and twos and Phi Life Cypher finish off the day inside. It's set to be an unmissable day out; a block party celebrating graffiti culture in a safe and inclusive enviroment.

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  1. Event now on the 8th of October!! Check here for more info and the new confirmed lineup. LSD let us know if you need more info.