Thursday, 18 August 2011

Banksy Style Stencils Inspire New Zealand Police

Real life is much stranger than fiction and none more so than the latest series of recruitment ads for, yes you guessed it, New Zealand Police. Yes that's right folks, a man originally wanted in numerous countries for every Graffiti related crime yet written is the main source of inspiration for the recent Ad Campaign. Ironically New Zealand has a zero tolerant attitude to graffiti and the man featured running in one of the pieces could well be Banksy or any other artist painting walls. All said and done we personally applaud the ingenuity of street art concepts designed to bring a sense of balance to our cities. We're still debating whether this will inspire the next generation of stencil artists or new young bucks into law enforcement. We do know that street art graffiti will never quietly go away regardless of whether local governments declare war against all artists other than Banksy (which we have no issue with its not Banksy fault) this is a lifestyle...

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