Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Twat Kray Twins @ Westminster - Feb 2010

Our old mate Twat has stepped up a gear this year as he finally announced leaving his life long career to pursue another life long ambition and that is to live the life of a full time artist. No more clocking in for our man Twat. If your goner make a statement to declare your grand arrival as artiste extraordinaire, planting some big ones on the dear ole 'Ouse's of Parliament' is the way to do it. If we're not mistaken that just might be everyman hero Brian Hawkins humble abode. 'Gawd bless Brian and Gawd bless Twat a man with a plan... Watch This Space...

Monday, 22 February 2010

Busk Studio Sessions - 22nd Feb 2010

Wayne Anthony freezes his nuts off whilst graffiti legend Busk creates brand new pieces for up coming show...

East Meets East - Formans Smokehouse Gallery, Stour Rd, Fish Island, London, E3 2NT

Opening Night: Thursday 4th March 2010

Graffiti Artist Busk Studio Sessions - Short Film

Old Skool all the way as LSD's Wayne Anthony hooks up with UK graffiti legend Busk for a series of studio sessions of work being prepared for exhibitions (sale)... if you want info on the art itself get in touch with LSD...

LSD Magazine <------

Eelus Solo Show on NOW!

Visit his site... EeLus

Monday, 15 February 2010

LSD Magazine - Now Viewable ONLINE

As Monday slams into the mix with a freeflow, slightly grey sparkle - hope you all had a cracking weekend and the various spouses / other halves out there are suitably impressed with your not having totally lunched Valentine's day...I find telling the Mrs it is a corporate con and yet another excuse for a sales spike somehow fails to create the warm glow of romance and various suggestions of where to stick my soapbox are never far behind.........

ANYWAY - we've now taken the mag onto an online platform as well as keeping the full download option - looks fucking great if we do say so ourselves and is an easy way the share the wares far and wide amongst your friends - so anyone out there who fancies doing some damage with some serious spammage - GET POSTING...


Hope life is rolling beautifully for all of you - back late March with Issue 4 - bigger, louder, deeper and more dazzlingly colourful than ever - some unbelievable pieces in the pipeline - HOLD TIGHT


Wayne and Sirius


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Street Artist Stik Live Painting - Feb 2010

Wayne Anthony films Stik as he paints a Stik Rendition in a quiet corner in a very busy part of West London...