Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Phantasmagoria - Joint Show - Forman's Smokehouse


Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery is pleased to present Phantasmagoria, an exhibition of paintings, prints, drawing, installation and sculpture.  The title for the exhibition, Phantasmagoria will be themed around the ongoing cycles of sub-cultures and counter cultures, their art, and it’s eventual fuelling of canons of mass assimilation by fashion and media to the point of vulgarity and its serendipitous decaying of objective and social meaning in tribal and underground arts. In 1990 a relatively unknown Canadian essayist Gail Faurschou wrote about fashion’s “ingenious strategy of expansion.”  As more artistic raw material that challenges corporate consumerism is made, the more marketable material corporations have to advertise its products.  This systematic diffusion of any opposition continues to effectively dissolve and quash any of its subject’s capacity for growth and maturity.  The exhibition brings together new and existing works:  Jon Burgerman, Shin Tanaka and Boicut are global illustrators and custom designers. Isaac Cordal’s, Follow the Leader depicts debased failings of Western leaders.  James Unsworth’s and Andrew James Jone’s work subscribe to horror and the grotesque that preserves the integrity of their art.  Anwot makes art, taking inspiration from fetish clubs and the sex scene. Re-assembled pieces and new works from David Shillinglaw, pay homage to cult culture and philanthropy, Martin Wollerstam depicts corporations as monsters attacking the world and Roman Klonek prints are of mechanical cartoons and environments defined by logos.  Otto Schade and Oliver Winconek paintings of surreal iconography can easily be found in the most fashionable parts of London’s East End.  Dave Anderson and Agent Provocateur’s work satires fashion and commodity culture.  Rebecca Strickson, incorporates contemporary art with creative industries, such as Nexus group and creative culture group, Soho House.  Commissioned pieces by Todd Ryan White echo the psychedelic posters and record covers of Anton Kelly and Stanley Mouse.  A new Matt Small sculpture addresses lost identity and inadequacy in youth culture.  Curated by Sara Kwiecinski and David Marchant.

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