Tuesday, 31 May 2011

LSD Magazine Interviews French Street Artist - Ludo

What kick-started the actual moment you decided to take your operation from the desktop to the streets and how did you feel when pasting your first piece?

I was working for  a company that was doing graphic stuff, advertising...The job was killing all my time. One day, for different reasons, I had to take a break, quit everything and decided to focus on my own things. Going out and the need of space and of course spreading my work outside was like breathing fresh air. The first paste up was awful but the energy was here and I never stopped really.

We know you studied art for a time but how much influence did studying sociology have on your art concepts in later years?

Certainly thinking too much....

Everyone has personal reasons for choosing the paste-up format, what made you choose this technique?

It was obvious for me and even more using the tools I use. I like to prepare everything before, working with paper, tape, graphite, acrylic,...then go out with the ladder and glue and just paste the piece. There is the setup then the act, I like both and keep it as separated as possible.

Then I'm really bad with spray paint...

You started painting city walls a few years ago, what artists if any, did you find interesting during that initial period?

Outside, the same artists that I still find interesting today, like Bast and Neckface. I always liked what they do on the walls but also how their work is killing inside a gallery space for example. I always been interested by the concept of invading spaces and artists that can do it both inside and outside with the same energy are killers.

Everyone has an interpretation of the pieces they see, what springs to mind for us are issues of genetically modified food, nano technology, secret life of plants (1970s), and mankind's desire to control all species. What excites you most about the Nature's Revenge series?

All these are inspirations for sure. The mankind's desire to control all species that creates the chaos we're living in is kind of interesting also. The wish to control everything to keep it secured that results to be totally overtaken by events.
I checked a lot recently everything about nano technology and the "co-branding" serie inside bus shelters was very inspired by this. All about manipulation...What I like about this idea of Nature's Revenge is how something that you don't care about can evolve and almost frighten you, or make you think (even better). I'm very attracted by the contrast between the small and nice that can be dangerous and almost violent the moment after. I like to play with that.


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Isaac Cordal - Cement Eclipses - Book Launch (26th-28th May)

Isaac Cordal’s 
Cement Eclipses
Small interventions in the big city
 Preview Thursday 26th May 2011
at The Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH. Telephone 020 7729 2866
Show ends Saturday 28th May 2011

StreetFest - Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May (1PM – 11PM)

Set in the urban surroundings of Hearn St Car Park, StreetFest presents 10 hours of innovative showcases starting at 1pm through to 11pm (Strictly over 18s only after 7pm). Merging creative talents and modern trends in an interactive experience for visitors of all ages, featuring some of the UK’s top collectives from the worlds of; Music, art, film, street sports and fashion.
We are excited to announce that The Nextmen will be headlining this year’s event. This eclectic duo continues to be stalwarts of the UK music scene, consistently carving up shiny gems from London’s urban backdrop. Ghostpoet also performs live for the StreetFest audience. DJs for this event are Marcus Nasty, Rattus Rattus & Klose One (Urban Nerds), DJ Motive, Bounty and bPm. If you’re feeling leftfield and want to step outside, Remedy presents Greeds and Phresh Mentality performing spoken words in the Yard. Next up we bring you Secret Wars, the World’s premier live art battle, will take place on the main stage where two teams will go head-to-head for a cash prize. The live art features artists such as Andy Council with his love of detail to create bizarrely intricate collections of creatures; from rabbits made of tanks to dinosaurs mobilized by ‘lotsof stuff’, Best Ever, Blam, Busk, G-MC, Hicks, Inkfetish and Zadok. Globally respected as one of the most notorious graffitti writers in UK history Toasters and Remi Rough, who has been breaking boundaries for 24 years are also coming down on the day. A curated space will feature Candy Lo, Elfin, Jess Douglas, Richt, Sainty and 45RPM.
Lovenskate, Bicycle Union, and Kingdom will be hitting up the 32ft in-built ramp, mock mini t-cup ramp and street course, where you can watch in awe as urban sports talent from the worlds of skate, in-line and bmx, flip and trick their way through all day competitions. Dance entertainment is provided by The bSupreme ladies, who will be conducting a high-energy b-girl hip hop dance competition.
For those of you willing to flash some cash, we have a mini fashion market including Addict, Ask Your Girl, Supremebeing and Show Love, plus more brands being announced in the following weeks. Watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I am Morley - Los Angeles Street Artist Tags London

Los Angeles based street artist Morley was recently visiting London where he met up with the likes of Steve Lazarides and The Outsiders to organise some prints of Morley's works for sale in the UK in June. Not one to let an opportunity slip Morley made haste around the city pasting his posters in London's arty hot-spots. To hear more of his exploits tune into his blog I am Morley...

Photos by M

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Toyz are in the Hood (street art sculptures) - Berlin

Although its highly unlikely these pieces are still in place, we had to give some love to the Astro Naut 3D figures. 5 of these 3D sculptures made with plaster and finished with spray and markers were placed around the city of Berlin. Catch up with the Adventures of Astro Nauts from their official flickr profile.

Photos by Astro Naut

Mambo (art show) - Paris 9th June

Monday, 16 May 2011

STIK Solo Show @ Lava Gallery - 26th May - 4th June

STIK SOLO SHOW @ Lava Gallery

Opening Party: Thursday, 26th May from 6- 9.30pm 
Exhibition: 27th May - 4th June 2011
LAVA Gallery 1.11 Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London, W1B 5PW, United Kingdom


Stik's playful, minimalist characters pop up all over London, brightening up the city's darkest corners. Both on the street and in the studio, Stik continues to explore subtle variations in the gesture and pose of his characters. These seemingly simple figures are capable of conveying complex emotions, often appearing melancholic or despairing but occasionally finding humour in the bleak urban landscape. We have invited Stik to preside over the lat solo show at the space in Kingly Court. The show will include some large scale paintings, along with a new edition of his hugely popular mini canvases.


"I take my hat off to you Sir, @earth looks great" - Banksy
"What you hold in your hands is a harrowing X-ray of the shadow side of the world ... If there's a word that's worth a thousand pictures, it's @earth. "
Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine and No Logo

@earth is as revolutionary in form as it is in content. It is a story without words told in the universal language of photomontage, long the favoured medium of radical artists. For the past four decades Peter Kennard has consistently challenged power structures and injustice, from his anti-nuclear works of the 1980s to the powerful images he created in response to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.@earth is a photo-essay in seven chapters, combining new works, made together with Tarek Salhany, with iconic images from throughout Kennard's 40-year career.

Peter Kennard was born in London in 1949. He is senior tutor in photography at the Royal College of Art and his work is in many major collections, including Tate, the V&A and the Imperial War Museum. His work has been published in numerous publications including The Guardian, The Observer, Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Scotsman, New Statesman and Time Magazine. 

Visit his Site: Peter Kennard 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

LSD Magazine - Made in Space - Issue 7 - OUT NOW

As the sub atomic quantum vortex of nebulous neurons nestle into LSD’s particle accelerator and send synaesthesia screaming down the subterranean labyrinths of pirate expression, Issue 7 – Made in Space has finally touched down terrestrially. Frisking the fringes of physics, actualizing the apogee of the abstract, ramraiding the recesses of rhythm, hijacking the heights of the hypnotized humdrum, liquidizing lucidity and plundering the pineal, Issue 7 sprays hyperspace a slinky shade of piercing. Absolutely fucking gob smacking, street stopping art, flipping uniformed bricks into freestyle tricks, as the speckles soar and the ideas roar, barnstorming music plugging straight to the core and awesome insight pouring through the intergalactic clusters to carve a scorching supernova into the black holes of normality. The raw creative power of imagination unchained, unleashed and warping the rims of relativity.

Big love from Wayne Anthony (class of 88) and Sirius 23

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Death of the DEANER - Bristol

Just in from Bristol GSA - Development set to tear down one of the oldest halls of fame in Bristol

Today, Bristol GSA recieved the following email.....

We have received information for the following pre-app in Booth Road. This is not a major but we would like to know if you consider this of special significance and that we should therefore treat it as a Type 2?
Pre-application number: 11/01524/PREAPP
Ward: Southville
Date received by Council: 13-Apr-11
Site address: Shapet Joinery Booth Road Bristol BS3 1BP
Proposal: Demolition of existing, vacant industrial unit and construction of a residential apartment block to incorporate 9 x 1-bed flats (Option 1) or 6 x 1-bed flats (Option 2).
Developer: Landowner, contact: d.threadingham@eastonbevins.co.uk
Case officer: Lewis Cook
We gather you have a meeting on Wednesday with your group when perhaps you could discuss this. I look forward to hearing from you after that.
Clare Wilks
Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network

Below is a meassage from the DEPP (Dame Emily Park Project), who want to help SAVE the GRAFFITI at the Deaner

There is a long tradition of graffiti work in Dame Emily. A few years ago, the workshop at the top of Dame Emily, a major graffiti wall, was pulled down. The site has planning permission for housing and the boards currently seperating the site from the park are temporary only.

The loss of the Booth Road workshop will mean the loss of another wall.

It seems that there are two ways forward
1. accept the reduction and possible elimination of graffiti work at Dame Emily

2. find some way of replacing the lost walls by new ones.

This will mean the LOSS of 2 walls at the Deaner...

All suggestions and Idea's can be emailed tat brisgraffstreetart@gmail.com

We will keep everyone updated, with the progress of this sad situtation....

Monday, 9 May 2011

New Stencils from Emenems in Ecuador

Street art graffiti can be found in every country in the world. The following pieces were found recently in Ecuador. The artist Emenems is from Quito and has only recently starting creating stencils on the streets.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ask Auntie @ LSD Magazine (issue 6)

BRAND NEW 2 LSD Magazine


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Get Welll Soon 'King Robbo' Our Thoughts are with YOU!!!

The LSD office was saddened at the news that old skool graffiti writer Robbo was currently in hospital with a head injury. The entire team at LSD and all its readers and contributors wish Robbo a speedy recovery and full health. Old skool and new skool graffiti writers from around the world have been painting walls and sending messages to Robbo...

His friend and colleague old skool writer Drax said on his flickr profile ''Get well soon' To my crew mate, friend & brother King Robbo. WD PFB WRH. I'm not gonna go into private details relating to medical matters that have no business on the internet but let's just say: He's currently in hospital with a serious head injury. Wake up soon mate... We love you..'


If you want us to publish comments please do not Swear...!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

New Banksy Gets Protection - May 2011

We could be wrong but we're pretty sure Banksy doesn't paint walls so they get covered in plastic. This isnt a contemporary art world this is the streets and graffiti. It's random, sporadic and above all, its a  temporary flash of greatness. If you missed it then you should've been there so look at the pictures or watch a video. Under no circumstances whatsoever should it be covered in protective plastic. If anything it may run the risk of Banksy actually stopping street work altogether. If everything he does get's coated in plastic within hours of going on a wall, whats the point in painting on the streets...