Tuesday, 31 May 2011

LSD Magazine Interviews French Street Artist - Ludo

What kick-started the actual moment you decided to take your operation from the desktop to the streets and how did you feel when pasting your first piece?

I was working for  a company that was doing graphic stuff, advertising...The job was killing all my time. One day, for different reasons, I had to take a break, quit everything and decided to focus on my own things. Going out and the need of space and of course spreading my work outside was like breathing fresh air. The first paste up was awful but the energy was here and I never stopped really.

We know you studied art for a time but how much influence did studying sociology have on your art concepts in later years?

Certainly thinking too much....

Everyone has personal reasons for choosing the paste-up format, what made you choose this technique?

It was obvious for me and even more using the tools I use. I like to prepare everything before, working with paper, tape, graphite, acrylic,...then go out with the ladder and glue and just paste the piece. There is the setup then the act, I like both and keep it as separated as possible.

Then I'm really bad with spray paint...

You started painting city walls a few years ago, what artists if any, did you find interesting during that initial period?

Outside, the same artists that I still find interesting today, like Bast and Neckface. I always liked what they do on the walls but also how their work is killing inside a gallery space for example. I always been interested by the concept of invading spaces and artists that can do it both inside and outside with the same energy are killers.

Everyone has an interpretation of the pieces they see, what springs to mind for us are issues of genetically modified food, nano technology, secret life of plants (1970s), and mankind's desire to control all species. What excites you most about the Nature's Revenge series?

All these are inspirations for sure. The mankind's desire to control all species that creates the chaos we're living in is kind of interesting also. The wish to control everything to keep it secured that results to be totally overtaken by events.
I checked a lot recently everything about nano technology and the "co-branding" serie inside bus shelters was very inspired by this. All about manipulation...What I like about this idea of Nature's Revenge is how something that you don't care about can evolve and almost frighten you, or make you think (even better). I'm very attracted by the contrast between the small and nice that can be dangerous and almost violent the moment after. I like to play with that.


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