Friday, 2 September 2011

3D Artist Joe Hill Finds Car in Giant Pothole

 We're always happy to see artists being utlised by commercial companies, especially if its done creativity. An artist has got to eat at every opportunity. At present numerous TV / Magazine Ads and tv programs in general are being shot with street art as the central theme or at the very least a backdrop.

We heard there was an artist creating a large 3D piece outside the National Gallery so we went someone along to see what was actually taking shape. The artist Joe Hill had been commissioned by corporate giant Autoglass to create a huge 3D pothole to highlight just how bad our roads are the fact they even damage your vehicle. Been there and done that...So, we wondered up one of the hot reps and threw her some questions at her...

What's the message?

To illustrate the extent of the pothole problem blighting our road networks in the UK and to raise awareness of the dangers potholes and poorly maintained roads can cause to road users.

What made Autoglass choose this format to draw attention to this particular cause?

Autoglass® wanted to give a vivid illustration of the pothole problem that the public could interact with physically and through social media channels

How effective has the campaign been in terms of the general public response?

Passers by interacted with the artwork and had their photographs taken. The public responded positively to the artwork and stopped to talk to Autoglass® about their individual concerns with road maintenance in the country.

Did they choose the artist especially or was this an advertising company decision?

LEWIS PR, Autoglass® PR agency recommended commissioning leading 3D street artist Joe Hill

Would Autoglass consider using street artists or graffiti writers for future campaigns?

The artwork had a great response from the public and was an innovative way of getting the message out there, so they would be open to doing stunts of a similar nature in future when relevant.

The artist Joe Hill is internationally renowned for his pieces. A true talent indeed...

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