Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Niu Imaginarium Takes Over The Others Gallery in Stoke Newington

Niu Imaginarium Takes Over The Others Gallery in Stoke Newington, London

An evening of independent art & creation through music, video, paintings, poetry, photos, sculptures and more!

London – 5 September 2011: Following successful events in Paris, Barcelona and London, art collective Niu Image is bringing its Niu Imaginarium project back to Stoke Newington, London on Friday, September 23rd, 2011. This non-profit organization, known as "Niu Imaginarium," brings together a wave of artists from different perspectives, such as photography, painting, video, art, music, poetry, drawings, origami and more to create a unique environment where the public can enjoy art and release their own creative spirit. "Niu Imaginarium," an ephemeral one-night experience, proposes to unlock the creative powers within us through a total artistic intervention of space to present an incredible, must-see, live project.

Hosted by the Niu Image art collective, the “Niu Imaginarium” concept is a fresh, sincere and unbiased approach that creates a phenomenal ambiance where the public and artists meet on the same level to candidly exchange views. This event also explores the possibilities and limits of contemporary technology using tools accessible to all of us to shoot "guerrilla" style movies, record music or establish live feeds with other creators around the world.

In "Niu Imaginarium," we are all free – free to express ourselves, write texts, record films, play music, paint walls, dance or whatever else makes us tick. The Niu Image crew leads the way, presenting its own work but also opening doors for unknown creators of all tendencies. By invading every corner of the space with explosions of art and by promoting spontaneous live creations using actors in disguise who interact with the audience; Niu Imaginarium offers a unique, irreproducible night of creation amid the backdrop of a celebration of art.

You can record almost everything nowadays with cheap technological gadgets and you can tweet in real time. But what you cannot do is capture the experience of the Niu Imaginarium, a spontaneous space that brings together different artists with the public and blends them together until we all become part of the Niu Imaginarium.

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