Saturday, 6 April 2013

Banksy - Shades of Grey 2013 - New Film

There are many changes for us on the horizon that we wish to share with our community. We've started a brand new YouTube Channel dedicated to the arts and life on planet earth. As qualified filmmakers we plan on producing numerous films, viral, and motion image videos for the channel. Since its brand new we need SUBSCRIBERS , Contacts and Friends so please stop by and Hook US Up, You never know when you might need US ;)

This short motion image Banksy film is our first of 2013...

We're also building a brand new website which will not only feature all content from previous issues of the magazine, we'll also be interviewing many characters exclusively for the website. So far its 560 Pages!!! It's advertising supported but after running the magazine for 3 years for zero money its time it funded itself. The portal itself looks very slick and works like a charm, we learned how to build it from watching YouTube!!! Coming Really Soon.

LSD Magazine is a major supporter of the global arts...Show some Love come hook us up...

Big Love - Wayne Anthony / Sirius23