Thursday, 26 April 2012

LSD Magazine Art Stop

Get innnnnnnnnnnn....

Exclusive iPad Cases for Art Lovers

We've been receiving dozens of messages every week requesting LSD Magazine merchandising. As most if you already know, we've been publishing the magazine for two years now and about to launch issue 9. This has been achieved with zero budget and many many man hours. Until we have our own budget for merchandising we have signed up with a company to produce exclusive products related to the magazine and of course street art graffiti. We only receive a small commission on each item sold. That said we still plan on producing high quality products for our readers and creatives around the world. This is the first phase of many so please SUBSCRIBE (subject: Subscribe) for updates hot off the press.

First up is our brand new range of iPad Cases...High Quality Product:

Speck® Fitted™ Fabric-Inlaid Hard Shell iPad Case