Saturday, 26 December 2009

Banksy v Robbo??

Banksy has recently landed himself in a world of bother though whether he's actually bothered we guess only close peeps would know. Its been said that Banksy was slapped some time ago by old skool writer Robbo so decided some time later to extract revenge by going over one of Robbo's historic (painted 25 years ago) Camden Town pieces. Banksy's artistic career stretches back to the 1980's so its clear he has a firm grasp on graffiti history. Others are saying its been tagged for decades now so who cares whilst old skool writers are up in arms. A quick Google search and you'll find writers up and done the country announcing they will destroy Banksy work on sight.

We've taken some quotes from flickr;

'man thats never forgive, if its stood for 25 years or so you gotta be a special sort of cunt to do that (and i aint usually a banksy hater)'

'thats harsh! a 25yr old Robbo piece basically buffed. Punishment For Banksy. 2010'

'Banksy was a fucking TOY as a writer,had no style,no real pedirgee and would never of stood out from the crowd and he fucking knew he simply copied from the Parisian stencil artists in the 70's and 80's and went and painted some fucking Rats down trendy Bricklane at the right time and BOOM'

'get a grip guys, that Robbo piece had been gone over tons of times, it was proper trashed. The only visible part was the last O'

'Fuck it, if you wanna keep it, stick it in a museum, cover it in perspex.. whatever.. styles evolve, walls evolve, . LIke I said, that piece was trashed, I imagine Banksy meant to honour it, not disrespect the scene.'

'somehere must know Banksy's studio address, someone should post it on line to teach him a lesson.'

'What Banksy has done (readin between the lines) is the act of a Sad man..'

'that is truly disgusting behaviour. i think the fame has gone to that wanker's head.'

'fucking wanker!! i hope i see a photo of this taken out by the end of the week

Im sure 10 FT will carry the torch on that one.'

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

LSD Magazine Issue 3 - Weapons of Mass Creation

LSD Issue 3 – Weapons of Mass Creation is spiraling its way through cyberspace to a liquid crystal near you… Absolutely heaving with spectacularly subversive and explosively colourful creativity, delving into its pages is like being smacked round the head with a particularly soulful combine harvester and kissing sunshine on the trip. Dripping with transcendental art and rolling on the bassline of possibility we’re starting to hit our stride with the magazine and would like to thank every one of you for being part of the mission. Featured artists and writers in this issue are far too numerous to mention right here right now – so just get downloading, have a wicked Christmas, Big Big love to you and yours and see you on the other side

Wayne Anthony (Class of 88) and Sirius 23


Crimbo Poem - Ron English

Santa Christ

I don’t mean to offend

Or speak out of turn

But the man they called Jesus

Shall never return

He’s not indifferent

Or above our concern

2000 years later

We still haven’t learned

No matter how we may pray

No matter how we may yearn

No ascension

No return

No he’s not in heaven

No he’s not in an urn

He’s not in that place

Where sinners all burn

No Jesus never died

High up on that cross

No human kind

Never suffered that loss

Being a martyr

Just wasn’t his role

Dying so young

Just wasn’t his goal

Jesus just aged

Into a jolly ole soul

On top of the world

High on the North Pole

Friday, 18 December 2009

Stik Hunt - Mayfair Tonight

Artist Stik has created mini Stik figures as free giveaways to draw attention to the Homeless at Christmas. The plan is to leave the Stik figures around Mayfair for people to take home. The Stik Hunt begins at 7pm so if your over that way keep your eyes open and feel free to pick that sucker up...Limited Editons...Nice One Stik...

Monday, 14 December 2009

LSD Art Supplement 101 - Download Now

LSD Art Supplement 101 - Cool Investments 4 Crimbo

As we freeze our nuts off and get steadily more homicidal at the endless Christmas themed assault on our senses, rather than electrocuting Santa with a quick rewiring of the Oxford Street Christmas lights or liberating a thousand live turkeys in a particularly smug branch of Sainsbury’s, why not score yourself or your loved ones a wicked piece of very reasonably priced art and forget that mug who won the X Factor last night is going to be driveling down the airwaves for the next month.

Street is all well and good, and it is the purest medium of all, but artists do need to live and continue to fund their public mission, and who can resist a fine piece of guerilla inspired artwork on their wall anyway. We’re playing concerned connectors in this supplement rather than Mr 10%, so all these links take you straight through to either the artist themselves or an approved dealer, so have a flick through this short but deeply powerful collection of works, and see what grabs your eye and your heart.

We’ll see you next week for the launch of LSD Issue 3 – fat and heaving – but in the meantime, shoot Ant and Dec, nick their bloody Wii Fit and spend the cash you’ve saved on some cracking creativity….. BIG LOVE

Wayne Anthony and Sirius


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mutate Britain - Job Opportunities

If you've ever wanted to run off with the circus then the time is now...The good people at One Foot in the Grove / Mutate have extended an open invitation for you to become part of an historic event... Here's what they said...

Four things:

1. If you've some spare time we could use your help. Every Fri/Sat/Sun we need help on site. Reply to this if interested, we can offer you goodtimes and respect as payment, what an offer...

2. We are now open on Wednesdays from 1pm.

3. Film Festival Fridays are going strong, we're screening Graf classics Bomb It and Style Wars this Friday and then brand new Brit comedy doc 3 Miles North of Molkom on the 18th - don't miss that one!

4. Our online shop launches this week. Our unique collection of work will be available to buy from your desktop - more to come on that soon.

All details on blog as usual:

1000 x thanks.

Carl Cox's Teachmix (Learn 2b a Super Star DJ)

During the early 1980’s in Chicago & New York the sounds of Disco and R&B began to merge & create a totally new sound. This would eventually become known as House Music. The infectious sound soon filtered over to UK shores, mesmerising all those who listened. The first track to gain chart success within the UK was the 1987 Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley track, Jack Your Body. This reached No.1 in the UK Top 40 pop chart and made history as the first House track to do so.

1988/89 in the UK was regarded as the Summer of Love; the time when dance music exploded. DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and Carl Cox started bringing the Ibiza sound back to the clubs they played at in London, blowing the minds of the locals. Week in, week out, venues like the legendary Hacienda in Manchester, and London clubs like Shoom, Heaven, Future or Spectrum were packed, and began creating a new scene across the country.

By the early 90’s, house music was becoming more of an established sound in the mainstream but the underground still continued to thrive. Artists like U2, Maddonna & the Happy Mondays all incorporated the sound into their tracks.

Then in the 90’s the ‘superclub’ was born. Liverpool’s Cream & Ministry of Sound in London were opened and pushed their own sound. There was also a surge in the amount of dedicated clubbers visiting Ibiza, the mecca of dance music to millions worldwide. And the superclubs gave rise to the superstar DJs… Fat Boy Slim, Judge Jules, Sasha. These DJ’s were propelled to fame playing huge festivals, gigs & parties the world over.

So what had began as a very underground sound has now evolved into to something that is enjoyed globally by millions of people. Whether it’s the electro sounds of Justice, uplifting house provided by Hed Kandi or the harder edge techno sound from Richie Hawtin, one thing is for sure house music is here to stay.

Carl Cox was one of those founding DJs in the late 1980s during that Acid House revolution now globally called club culture, rave or just LIFE!!! One of Carl Cox's party tricks in 1988 was playing 3 record decks at one time and for a short period was known as Carl '3 Dex' Cox. Flash Forward to the 21st century and the man known as Carl Cox needs no introduction.

Teachmix is a creative solution for anyone wishing to learn how to mix vinyl / CDs like a professional DJ... Official Site

Artist: Stik - Solo Show (Interview)

LSD Magazine interviews artist Stik for the next issue and then decided to make this short film...

Stik (solo show on now) @ The At Pavilion, Clinton RD, London E3 5BH
Dec 5th - 20th / Time: 12-6pm (closed mondays)

LSD London Street Art Design -

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Bloody Apprentice - Cassette Boy

We know these videos were done earlier this year but with over two million hits we think its safe to say that Cassette Boy's unique take on The Apprentice and BNP's Grand Wizard is an absolute classic. We're in the process of interviewing the man himself so look out for that in up coming issue... Check his online store for exclusive t-shirts... Store

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monday, 30 November 2009

Stik at the Art Pavilion - Solo Show December

Stik at the Art Pavilion (Urban Art / Interactive installation)
Dec 5th – 20th 2009 / 12- 6pm (closed Mondays).
Mile-End Art Pavilion, Clinton Road (off Grove Road),
Tower Hamlets, E9 5BH. Tel: 077 587 51170
Entry: FREE

The main installation is made up of over 20 larger-than-life figures suspended
along the full 50 metres of the Art Pavilion. The figures, each manifesting their
own emotion, compliment and jar in an overall composition as the viewer moves
them around on tensioned cable creating strange, comical and sometimes sinister
scenarios. The neat lines compliment those of the bright lakeside pavilion whilst
the art bursts out into elegant water garden (and beyond, unofficially!)

Stik’s clean black-on-white “stick-man” style became well know for the simple yet
striking graffiti pieces across the city for almost a decade and more
recently larger authorised pieces for organisations including Glastonbury Festival
and British Waterways this year. Stik teams up with group Squarity to stage a
mass “ drop” of free artworks in central London this Christmas which aim to raise
the awareness of homelessness. Previews will be on display plus the launch of a new
print run.

Featured twice in Big Issue during November as well as headlining with MuTate’s
“One Foot in the Grove”, whilst curating “Other Side”, a show that put the work of
young local graffiti artists along side that of their heroes. Stik now clears the space
to host his third and largest solo show to date. The show is suitable for all ages but the interactive nature of the show may surprise

Watchmen World Premiere - Graffiti Timelapse

Painted by Busk,Bleach,Zadok & Probs...

This 5 minute timelapse video was made for the Watchmen film world premiere at the Odeon in Leicester Square.Painted over 4 days,the artists had to paint on piece a day,then re-paint over it the next day.
The timelapse was shown on the big screen at the front of the Odeon for the premiere & was shown on a loop for 40 minutes inside the cinema before the Watchmen film started...

Sunday, 29 November 2009

2 Turntables and a Microphone (TRAILER)

October 30, 2002 - Legendary hip-hop DJ Jason Mizell, aka Jam Master Jay, is gunned down in his Queens studio. Security tapes of the incident mysteriously disappear, the five witnesses are uncooperative and no one is talking...until now. 2 TURNTABLES AND A MICROPHONE documents the investigation of the unsolved murder of Jam Master Jay, RUN- DMC's groundbreaking DJ and producer, deftly revealing the history of hip-hop and mainstream rap along the way. Exclusive, candid interviews with 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, RUN-DMC and more offer insight into Jam Master Jay's life - including information that could finally help police solve the murder that shook the music world to its core...

Unholy Grail Art Show - Friday 4th Dec - 14th Jan

RUMP Urban Art Show Bristol - December

RUMP Urban Art Show Bristol - December

RUMP Urban art show in Bristol Dec 3rd till 7th @ Hamilton House, Stokes croft and from Dec 12th till Jan 12th @ The Lanes, Nelson street


Fake, Levi C, Ben Slow, Craww, Dan, lll Joseph, K-Guy, Milk, Dora, Deadgirl,
Static, .Com, DNT, LL Brainwashed, Starchild, BS51, Copyright, MYNE, Haka, MNKY, Simon Mills, James Starr, SPzero76, Reggie Jackson, McLevey, Lee Ellis, K148, 3megabits, Alison Black, James Bates, Tmajik, Mike Healey, The Art Tart, Bonnie & Clyde, Dan Kitchener, Eyesaw, Filthy Luker...

Friday, 27 November 2009

Total Rewall (Leake Street) Next Week Friday

The thirty-two TOTAL REWALL photographers will be posting up giant photographs on the walls of the famous Leake St Tunnel in South London. Each image represents the individual photographer's concept of walls and surfaces capital that are out-of-bounds to street artists, graffiti writers and creative types of every calibre. The photographs will become canvasses, and an open invitation is extended to everyone who feels they would like to contribute to the project by stencilling, spraying or drawing on them in a way that adds to or changes the original image. The images will go up on Friday 4th December, and be left there for one week only. The evolution of the images will be documented on a daily basis, being displayed on, and eventually culminating in an online book which will be available to download or simply flick through, enabling everyone to discover what the imaginations of the contributing artists have delivered.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Doug Stanhope: From Across the Street OUT NOW!

Fear Black Friday and holiday shopping no more because the new CD - Doug Stanhope: From Across the Street - is available right here, right now.

Great for everyone on your shopping list in that anyone who expects you to buy them something is a dickhole and probably wouldn't like my humor anyway. Fuck em! That's all they're getting from you!

BUT WAIT! Here's an added bonus to entice you! I'll sign the fucking things! You won't get that anywhere else (except on eBay when I am dead and then for a fraction of the original cost!)

I'm going to sit like a beer-filled Buddha for a day and just sign these fucking things - old and new - like factory work because YOU Deserve It! It'll be the only day I work all year!

I am your Deadbeat Santa!

This being my fourth CD, you can get all 4 for 40 bucks SHIPPING INCLUDED! (Unless you are outside the US, the shipping is 15 bucks because shipping there sucks and is expensive, so move here.)

With prices this low, I must be Begging for Change! I'm picking up nickels with my flabby ass-cheeks for your Frat Brothers!

Exactly how funny is this CD? I have no idea. I don't listen to this shit. I sicken myself and just make me want to cry. But YOU - well, you are different. You are strong and proud and emit self-confidence like a skunk in a corner. Nothing shows this more than having 'Doug Stanhope: From Across the Street' cranking on Christmas Eve while they evict your neighbors and sirens wail.

And by all means, don't forget to tell your friends. That way you'll get each other the exact same thing for Christmas and the day will be as much of a let-down as life itself!

By compelling you to buy my CD from me and only from me, I in no way suggest that you skip Black Friday all together. You should still go out and mob a Wal-Mart or K-Mart until you feel someone's final breath squeezed out under the thin sole of your Converse All-Star. It's what the holidays are all about.


[ Read more updates at ]

Humbug! Christmas Emporium. Bah! Humbug!

From the 3rd – 23rd December 2009

Our History and Austin Gallery present Bah! Humbug! Christmas Emporium. Bah! Humbug!

An exhibition admiring the edgy and classic artwork shown on acid house night promotional posters as well as offering a unique shop where artefacts related to club culture can be purchased. The Emporium aims to bring together collective memories from this influential time, to allow the historical classic club culture to be admired. And offers a shop in conjunction with the exhibition to allow one to purchase artefacts of historical club culture.

The exhibition appeals to a wide spectrum, from the hard working professionals of today who are after a nostalgic hit from their wilder 80’s acid house clubbing days, to the younger generation who are riding the revived fashionable culture.

Extra prints and Our History films and documentaries will accompany the exhibition on show at The Star of Bethnal Green, 59 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 6LG.

Our History has already had huge success with a travelling taster of the exhibition. In February 2009 the exhibition welcomed 2000 enthusiasts to the opening night in London’s Selfridges’s Gallery Space. The exhibition then successfully travelled to Tokyo for two months before travelling to Shanghai, with a recorded 400 people visiting daily in both cities.

After residing in Shoreditch’s Austin Gallery this December, the exhibition will travel in 2010 back to China. To the United States and Eastern Europe, where once again it will be successfully received.

With a wide personal contribution from influential artists to the Pop Up Gallery space Our History and Austin Gallery aims to bring back together people, culture, artwork and memories to allow history to come alive.

Aiming to make this history alive again for each individual Austin Gallery is inviting you to contribute to the show, with any artwork, poster or t-shirt that you may have relating to this genre that would be possible to sell in the shop that accompanies the exhibition.

Lots of love, Ernesto

Total Rewall (Leake Street) 4th - 10th December

More news of this event coming in next few days...

Mark Jenkins - Street Installations 2

Here's more shots from the man that is Mark Jenkins. We think its fair to say that the man has been busy. We love his work but can you imagine when he's own route to place these human like works. Could be mistaken for a body and in the UK, you can be shot for less... Nothing more scary than newly trained personnel with automatic weapons...ooops, wrong meeting!!!

TATE THE BISCUIT Thurs 3rd-6th December

ARTISTS Rugman, The Krah ,David Bray, Snub, Schoony, Asboluv ,Tinsel Edwards, Twinkle Troughton , Ben Allen, Patrick Hughes, Infinity Bunce, Lorraine Clarke, Mark Fraser- Betts, Edd Pearman , Jane Grosvenor, Espira, Up The Arts- Kerry Roper, John Doe, Craww, Tate Sisters, Stuart-Koenig Roach, The Kuntists, Grafik Warfare Emporium, Swifty, Martin Grover, Dr D, Mark Perronet, Kate Pritchard, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Dan Kitchener, Eyesaw Pilot, Wayne Chisnall, Patrick Hughes, Martin Kingdom , Richard Stone, Katherine Lubar, Russell Chater , Chris Koning, Tom Wilmott , Nathan Eastwood, Bob London, Ting Ting Cheng, Danilo Murru, Arina Orlova, , James Tebbutt , Blair Zaye, Augustine Coll, Paul Hill, Constance Slaughter, Annabel Tilley, David Gomez Maestre, Amyhyejung Shin, Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Shona Davies, David Monaghan, Kevin Green , Andrew Salgado, Jess Wilson, Jboy, Anja Jane, Rachel Eardley,Lara Hardwood ,Helen Lang, ARTHOUSE, Daniel Locke,Liz Toole,Anthony Peters, Phil Sheffield, James Brown, Trent Sidharrta, World of Moose, Jennifer Camilleri, Helen Musselwhite, Martin Grover , Angie Crowe, Piers Secunda, Chad Macfalene, Amy Wicks, Natalie Taylor, Phillip Osbourne, Michael Vanderson, Anja Jane, Peter Sylveire, Jboy, Elod Beregszazi, Andrew Johnson, Hannah Marie Luxton, Michael Cranston, Mychael Barratt, Lou Trigg, Suzy Taylor, Robin Clare, Ros Shiers, Gavin Edwards, Karen Lockhart......

Performative drawings of the audience Jason Atomic on private view night 6-9pm 3 December Performance artist Calum F. Kerr on the private view night - 6-9pm Thursday 3 December

Date Private View 6-9pm - Thursday 3rd December 2009
12-8 Friday 4th December 10-6 pm Sat 5th December / Sun 6th December 2009

Venue SHOREDITCH TOWN HALL 380,Old Street, London EC1V 9LT, London

Nearest tube Old Street Tube

All enquiries Helen Edwards 07985 440385
Infinity Bunce 07961 452703

Monday, 23 November 2009

Tyree Cooper Interview November 2009

Acid House / Hip House legend Tyree Cooper is interviewed on Global FM (Spain)

Tyree Cooper - Live Radio Set - This Wednesday!!!

Groovin Down Ya House : The Legend Tyree Cooper

20 years after the Berlin Wall came crashing down and Tyree Cooper took international bass bins by storm, the legend himself is bringing the soul, the basslines and the love, live and direct from the heart of Berlin to Radio Full Vibes. Throwing down beats old and new, funking up the airwaves with uncut deep groove and scratching up a pure soul fever, one of the innovators behind Hip House, one of the generators behind the glorious kaleidoscope of the modern dancefloor and original Chicago true playa, Tyree will be coming atcha right here.
25 years into his musical journey and flowing with a vibrant, all embracing passion he's gonna be serving up the love...

Wednesday November 25 - 20:00 Europe, 19:00 UK in the burning heart of sonic cyberspace.... Log on, tune in, let yourself go, ride the bassline pressure, bring your love and your laughs to the Chatroom and let's make a cold night in Berlin throb with the power of a burning movement !!

Tyree Cooper's links :

Tyree's Facebook Fan Page

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Busk, Bleach & Zadok - Legit Work November 2009

Legit Work...

Old Skool Graffiti Artists Busk, Zadok and Bleach were commissioned to paint this wall in West London. Its taken about three weeks to create freehand so the lads were happy to finish the project and move up plans for their next projects. Full interviews with the lads coming up in LSD along with a series of shots from my time with the lads...


PS: Renowned street artist T.wat came down and took some shots, thats him in the green jacket shooting the wall

Otherside - Exhibition Live Painting This Weekend

If Graffiti, Street Art and Live Painting is your thang...The Otherside is the place for you to be this weekend. Various artists are passing through Today and Tomorrow to leave their live marks. Its Free Entry and Hosted by street artist Stik...

Wednesday - Sunday 12pm -6pm You dont know who you'll find painting until you get there...

Otherside @ The Arts Pavilion, Mile End Park, Clinton RD (Off Grove RD) London E3 5BH

LSD Interview with Stik in coming issue of LSD - London Street-Art Design Issue Three