Friday, 27 November 2009

Total Rewall (Leake Street) Next Week Friday

The thirty-two TOTAL REWALL photographers will be posting up giant photographs on the walls of the famous Leake St Tunnel in South London. Each image represents the individual photographer's concept of walls and surfaces capital that are out-of-bounds to street artists, graffiti writers and creative types of every calibre. The photographs will become canvasses, and an open invitation is extended to everyone who feels they would like to contribute to the project by stencilling, spraying or drawing on them in a way that adds to or changes the original image. The images will go up on Friday 4th December, and be left there for one week only. The evolution of the images will be documented on a daily basis, being displayed on, and eventually culminating in an online book which will be available to download or simply flick through, enabling everyone to discover what the imaginations of the contributing artists have delivered.

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