Tuesday, 10 November 2009

'Style Never Dies: The Scandalous Adventures of ErmOne'

This November The Soup Gallery proudly welcomes globe trotting, graffiti artist: ERMONE for his first solo show:

'Style Never Dies: The Scandalous Adventures of ErmOne'

Graffiti artist ErmOne, who is originally from the North of England will be traveling over from his studio in Paris to exhibit a collection of work produced exclusively for his show at The Soup Gallery in Truro, Cornwall.

The Soup Gallery is extremely excited to welcome an artist who rides high in the estimation of his peers, a style captain who has been rocking on top with his groundbreaking approach to graffiti for over 15 years.

ErmOne is well versed in applying his unique style to any given platform whether it be canvas, concrete, metal or paper. Never failing to drop a mad fresh flavour that leaves fellow graffiti writers awestruck and eye candy enthusiasts hungry for more.

'Style Never Dies: The Scandalous Adventures of ErmOne' is an exploration of the classical graffiti elements – letters, arrows, connections, drips, splats and clouds.

The funk master will be flexin' his unique style with an exhibition of framed original paintings and photographs, with a price range to suit all pockets.

There will be an opening party for the exhibition on the evening of Friday 6th November @ The Soup Gallery 106 Kenwyn Street, Truro from 5 p.m - 9 p.m.
Refreshments will be provided together with live music, everyone is welcome.

All of the artwork from the exhibition will be available to view and purchase in our online @ www.thesoupgallery.co.uk from Monday 9th November. The exhibition will close on the 12th December.
For any enquires please email info@thesoupgallery.co.uk or tel: 01872 278135

ERMONE Biography-

“I started writing graffiti in the very early 90s aged 12, doing a Daze piece outlined in duplicolor brown and filled with olive green, after meeting and hanging out with some older writers. Inspiration came from the local scene, which was strong but fading out, and from Sheffield which was really bombed at the time.

I’m into graff for the experience of painting, I just love the way it looks, everything about it. Graffiti works best when it’s illegal but I’ll paint legal walls too sometimes. I’m not into generic graffiti, or being in one place stylistically, for too long. I try to be experimental and work loosely, not taking too long over getting lines right or having a few drips here and there. Recently I’ve stopped sketching, instead drawing big tags when I want to do a piece, and building them up until the vibe's right. I want my pieces to live and move a bit, and to have that mysterious fresh factor.

I’m like painting new and interesting spots, exploring around. I’ve traveled around the world painting in many countries. I’ve met some amazing, talented people on the way, who’ve kept me safe from harm, fed me, dropped knowledge and been super cool. I’m based in Paris right now, and there’s an amazing graff scene here… so much inspiration that it’s impossible not to want to paint.

I’m also trying to create work on canvas - graffiti inspired but more than just a piece on canvas. I’m interested in using the classical graffiti elements – letters, arrows, connections, drips, splats and clouds, the little things that bring drama to a piece.

In the future I’d like to continue traveling to see and paint more of the world.

Influences: Old school new york graffiti, old school London Graffiti, the fine art world, my crew and everyone I’ve painted with, google image search, graphic design.

Crazy shouts to my crew FMB: Rialto aka Skrew Face, Alter aka Boxcar Joe, Coek, Mune, Jova. XXXL props to Tyser, Vets & Chek. Yes TNQ30, Frote, Hork DSK, Vejam & Rizo, Amed, Jade, Wesr, Ven, Spencer, Fatty-C & Jumps, SagaUno, B+, Diksa, Manik, Beam, Mr. Diet, Blackdice, and my man Doitall. One love to all the other peeps I’ve painted with, at home in England and around this planet…WERD!”


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