Monday, 30 November 2009

Stik at the Art Pavilion - Solo Show December

Stik at the Art Pavilion (Urban Art / Interactive installation)
Dec 5th – 20th 2009 / 12- 6pm (closed Mondays).
Mile-End Art Pavilion, Clinton Road (off Grove Road),
Tower Hamlets, E9 5BH. Tel: 077 587 51170
Entry: FREE

The main installation is made up of over 20 larger-than-life figures suspended
along the full 50 metres of the Art Pavilion. The figures, each manifesting their
own emotion, compliment and jar in an overall composition as the viewer moves
them around on tensioned cable creating strange, comical and sometimes sinister
scenarios. The neat lines compliment those of the bright lakeside pavilion whilst
the art bursts out into elegant water garden (and beyond, unofficially!)

Stik’s clean black-on-white “stick-man” style became well know for the simple yet
striking graffiti pieces across the city for almost a decade and more
recently larger authorised pieces for organisations including Glastonbury Festival
and British Waterways this year. Stik teams up with group Squarity to stage a
mass “ drop” of free artworks in central London this Christmas which aim to raise
the awareness of homelessness. Previews will be on display plus the launch of a new
print run.

Featured twice in Big Issue during November as well as headlining with MuTate’s
“One Foot in the Grove”, whilst curating “Other Side”, a show that put the work of
young local graffiti artists along side that of their heroes. Stik now clears the space
to host his third and largest solo show to date. The show is suitable for all ages but the interactive nature of the show may surprise

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