Sunday, 15 November 2009

Banksy Mistaken Identity - Mantis New Piece

NEWS in London

Friday's Hackney Gazette featured an article and photograph of a stencil which was accredited to Banksy. Street art photographers both on personal and business levels, made haste to the spot in Hackney hoping to shoot the art before the council or taggers destroyed it. LSD's Wayne Anthony was onsite shortly after hearing of the Gazette's announcement. He met couple chaps from the magazine Crack for your Eye's and almost had s scrap with a busker who tried to bully the lads into giving money. The busker accused the lads of exploiting Hackney which is laughable considering Wayne's connection with the area.

Eventually the true identity of the artist was revealed as Mantis. We immediately contacted Mantis requesting an interview which he agreed to do and will feature in the next issue...

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