Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kay One - Graffiti Life

Kay One - Destroy all Toyz London Interview

LSD London Street-Art Design | MySpace Video

I don't know where I should start? I started writing graffiti in the mid 80's with San, the prez of TRP crew along with my partner in crime from the cradle to the prescinct, Banga, when the Paris writers used to meet at the hall of fame at the Stalingrad metro station (where Henry Chalfant took his pictures for " spraycan art"), after being a vandal and paying my dues to the streets and the yards, I moved to London in the 90's, after 93MC splet from NTM Posse, where I started working with a company named "Maharishi" in 1994, starting a longterm relationship with that family for years before joining my man Pete & Tony Vegas the foulest of the foulest!!! In the 90's in London, if you knew about Hip Hop, you'd know that the spot was "Deal Real Records" in Soho, and it's still now! R.I.P, Ton's dad, how could I forget the love you showed me...As I grew up on "Dj Red Alert" tapes from 98.7 kiss fm and that my best friends were Dj Klyde & Dj Asko, I started spinning I while ago and followed my brothers on their show on Radio Nova,"The Hypnotik Show".Then back in London, I started droppin vynils in a few clubs in Mayfair like "57" or Momo's...This is when I started doing my own mix tapes and a few collaboration with my old school graffiti fam from my hood, TKC crew!I'm still writing on walls and for magazines like Frank 151, The Source, and also Track List and RAP U.S as the graffiti editor for those that can read french... Now, a lot of people in Paris are diggin Graffiti, and I see and hear too many toys talking about the old school scene to give themselves credibility, killing the true history for an instant of glory. I got to stand for something. That's why I decided to write as well to keep the new generation in touch with their foundations and to keep exposing the false prophets! Nuff respect to the foundations of NYC graffiti scene... One! KAYISM 93MC,TRP,RKS,TKC,BAD...

Kay One

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