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EAST POP WEST Sept-30th - Oct-2nd 2011

EAST POP WESTSeptember 30th - October 2nd 2011

Red Gallery presents a selection of the best East London art and design collectives & directives. EAST POP WEST is a celebration of contemporary creative collaborations, during a three-day event at the 20,000 sq ft former Innocent Smoothies HQ. 

It will be a rare chance for West London to engage directly with East London’s artists and designers – to make an investment and be part of the first EAST POP venture.
Adam Dant, Artswipe, Bert Industries, Blink Art, Carl Burgess, Cedric Christie, Christopher Duncan, Claire Howells, ContainerPlus, Dan Canyon, The Dark Times, Darren Coffield, David Wilson, Decima International Art Projects, The Department of Memory, Don’t Tell Stories, Dr D, East London Furniture, Found Art Collective, Hackney WickEd, Hato Press, Joesph Mann, KeelerTornero, Le Gun, Liam Scully, Macarena Yanez, Marco, Martin Sexton, Martin Wollerstam, Material, Max Hattler, Metric Collective, New Found Original, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Pure Evil, RART, RAX, Raul Pina, Rodolph de Salis, Ronzo, Root 5, /seconds, TheUnconsciousCollective, This Is It

                              Collective + EAST POP Films
Curated by Alexa Kusber

Admission price £5     Concessions £3      Under 12s Free

Date: September 30th - October 2nd 2011

Location: Unit 1, Goldhawk Industrial Estate,
Vinery Way (off Brackenbury Road), London W6 0BE

Stik - Solo Show at Graffik - October 6th-20th

Stik solo show at Graffik

October  6th-20th   2011

As one of London’s most established and celebrated street artists, Stik continues to bless our streets with his unique, hyper-minimalist stick characters. Deceptively simple in form these striking images hold a hidden depth of subtlety which reveals itself long after the initial impact. Using only six lines and dots for eyes Stik gracefully evokes a frailty which transcends the stark form of his iconic work. He draws from the tradition of the logo but imbues it with something imperceptible, striking straight to the centre of the brain with a hidden message that will keep you guessing. Untrained, he draws purely from life experience exploring gender, sexuality, social status and the darker side of city life but manages to elevate these themes through the elegance of their execution.
Stik is invited to paint across Europe and lectures about the importance of street art in social change.  In a notorious move, he recently made sketches on the front line of the U.K. riots provoking mixed reactions from both press, rioters and the police when he reproduced the image as a mural in the aftermath. As unofficial social commentator Stik maintains he is not breaking the law but changing it.
Graffik Gallery curate Stik’s fourth and final solo show of 2011, a vibrant culmination of his creative processes. Unusually for Stik who is usually a solo artist, the elements that dominate the gallery are the result of  muti-media collaborations in industrial neon, traditional stained glass and machined timber. These are counteracted by Stik’s own epic “Crowd” and “Family” canvases reflecting on recent unrest within the context of tribal unity.
Graffik are proud to launch his long awaited, limited edition print; “Lovers” produced by Squarity.
Stik will be painting live at the opening.
The show runs from 6th-20th October at Graffik Gallery, 284 Portobello Road, W10 5TE.
 Nearest tube Ladbroke Grove. (6th Oct private view)

Issac Cordal's Cement Eclipses Book published May

Friend of LSD Magazine Issac Cordal


Cement Eclipses (Small Intervention in the Big City)
Published in May
by Carpet Culture Bombing

Meeting of Styles London October 8th

So we're back with the event that the riots put paid to in August. Not to be deterred we've programmed an event set to be even better. More artists and more music...and as it's in October maybe even some mulled wine.

Meeting of Styles London 2011

... The International Meeting of Styles arrives in London on the 8th of October. This annual showcase of spraycan art returns to newly rebranded venue, The Studios, in Holloway Road. The block party with a street festival vibe brings with it even more artists, more walls, louder beats, BBQ, licensed bars, and once again entry is FREE!

Hosted for the fourth year in a row by EndoftheLine, this event offers the public a chance to experience live painting, great music, win prizes and enjoy an after-party set in a custom painted warehouse space.

Meeting of Styles provides a unique platform for expression, raising awareness and demonstrating the incredible talent of this generation of contemporary artists. The individuals and crews painting this year will be released daily on the MOS UK site over the next few weeks.

In addition to all the visual delights on offer there will be cold beverages from our specially painted icecream truck bar and amazing gourmet burgers from Meateasy's cult Meatwagon.

Music will be provided by DJ Mylon, Chu-i, Trol23, and Rolls Royce playing block rocking sounds alongside MCs like Crossbone T and Granville sessions who'll be jumping on the mic throughout the day. The after-party will feature live sets from Phi Life Cypher, Lazy Habits, and Joe Driscoll, whilst Wrongtom flexes his ample musical muscles on the ones and twos.

Meeting of Styles - October 8th
The Studios, Hornsey Road
12 'til 12
Free entry
50+ specially invited aerosol artists
DJs, MCs, and Beatboxers
After-party in a custom painted warehouse space featuring: Lazy Habits, Phi Life Cypher, Joe Driscoll, and Wrongtom amongst the acts.
Licensed bars
Meateasy Meatwagon
Cinema space
Art raffle

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

T.wat Solo Show @ Graffik Thursday 15th September

The stencil legend T.wat is launching a solo show at Graffik Gallery 84 Portobello RD on Thursday 15th September. We've interviewed him in LSD Magazine and love his creative mind and the stencils are top dollar as well. He first came to our attention with the Ronnie and Reggie Kray piece of them holding Tesco bags. T.wat has chiseled out his own unique stencil style and continues to develop new ways of expressing his visions. Good Luck Big Boy....

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

RGB Trinity by Shok1

RGB Trinity by Shok1

Red, green and blue light are combined to produce the picture in TVs, computers, mobile phones and practically any other type of screen that you can think of. Through these three simple colours, information enters our brains and changes them in infinite permutations. This is an attempt to paint the terrible beautiful power of it all. In the light of the riots in London while it was painted, I also see the red as symbolising violence and fire, the green for money and envy, and the blue for coldness and the authorities...Shok1

Friday, 9 September 2011

Neil Ayling Solo Exhibition - Flection - Oct 5th-Nov5th

Neil Ayling
Curated by Darren Warner
5 October – 5 November 2011

EB&Flow is pleased to announce Neil Ayling’s first London solo exhibition, Flection. Ayling’s interest in fragmentation informs both his sculpture and photography as he defines sculptural aesthetics of cityscapes through a visual and physical editing process. Ayling edits and manipulates imagery through a process of cutting and folding, flection meaning the resulting condition of something being folded or bent. Fragments of architecture are isolated to highlight their inherent sculptural compositions. They provide a snap shot of the whole yet occupy a new space separate from their origin...

Another large sculpture in the exhibition responds to the lines, shapes and colours found within graffiti. With the permission of The Hayward Gallery, London, Ayling installed blank hoarding at the Southbank Undercroft space for three months. During this time they were repeatedly covered with layer upon layer of graffiti. These boards were then subsequently used to create new 3D
sculptures employing Ayling’s trademark methods of extraction and dislocation.

Fresh 2 - Cutting Edge Illustrations Public Book (foreword by Wayne Anthony)

Wayne Anthony (LSD Co-Ed) wrote his first book foreword earlier this year for a book of street art graffiti illustrations published in Germany. Its a good book with over 300 pages and very well presented. Its been on sale since July and worth a look...


Meanwhile Back on the Farm

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

GOSSIP WELL TOLD Exhibition @ Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

After the successful opening of GOSSIP WELL TOLD in London this past July, the exhibition has been invited to take over a section of the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery as part of the first Warrington Contemporary Art Festival this September.  The Warrington Museum and Art Gallery’s first ever contemporary arts festival this month celebrates emerging and acclaimed artists and performers from September 24 to October 29, 2011.

 Having been presented with the honour of bringing this exhibition to a Museum setting, ‘Gossip Well Told’ has taken the opportunity to expand on its roster to include such artists as Berliner Jaybo, Australias  Anthony Lister , London’s finest D*FACE.

Curated by Frankie Shea / Tina Ziegler

Exhibiting Artists: Alex Fakso, Anthony Lister, Ben Eine, Case, Cheryl Dunn, Dabs / Myla, D'FACE, Herakut, Faith47, How / Nosm, Jaybo, Kaws, Luke Chueh, Phil Frost, Swoon

 Gossip Well Told exhibits new and original artworks and installations by internationally recognised artists from a movement spawned through word of mouth, a movement that brought colour to the streets of the world’s most exciting cities and spread like wildfire via the internet. This is a scene fuelled by the artists and lovers of the art itself. It has received little support from the conventional British art establishments and is only now beginning to receive the wider attention and credit it deserves in the UK with Warrington Museum making the first big step by inviting these artists to fill its white walls.  An innovating, DIY mentality of not waiting to be invited is the philosophy that has built the scene and made it what it is today. GOSSIP WELL TOLD brings to Warrington the most progressive, talked-about work on the art wires right now and will offer a taste of what can be expected at this year’s 2011 edition of Moniker Art Fair.

 Opening Reception: Friday, September 23rd. 19:00.
 Exhibition on show: September 24th to October 29th 2011
 Warrington Museum / Art Gallery
 Cultural Quarter. Museum Street.
 Warrington, WA1 1JB

Iamdoom/Dirtnail Street Art Show Amsterdam 30th September

Our cool friends at Project ASA (Amsterdam Street Art) sent us details of a show they're currently sponsoring in Holland...If your there or plan to be there go say hi from LSD Mag...

WINE AND CHEESE WILL BE FROM 17h00 - 23h00 (Free)

We won’t make it that difficult for you Iamdoom and Dirtnail is the same person from Eindhoven, but with two different styles. Iamdoom is mainly street art and Dirtnail more illustrative with a dark undertone. Iamdoom is not an artist's name, but rather a project name. If a creative period is closed and there is a new dose of inspiration, it obtains a new name. The topics for the stencil works are mostly about dissatisfaction and how crooked things blend into each other. The illusion is that certain visual triggers makes people think. The constant scraping under the nails of ink and paint was the reason for the artist from Eindhoven to call his new project Dirtnail. The artwork doesn’t have so much of a clear subject. It is rare that the initial idea remains. During the whole process ideas arise. Mostly the pedantic socially critical message fades away and things from the subconscious arise. This keeps it personal. Besides street art, he is also involved in illustration and has been engaged in a period of papercraft and custom plush dolls. Exhibitions have taken place in countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Ireland and France. And now it is time for Aalborg Hotel Amsterdam.

Project Amsterdam Street Art (Project ASA) is a young organization with creative artists and entrepreneurs, who have a passion for street art. Last June their first successful event
was organized in Amsterdam. Artist from The Netherlands and countries such as Belgium, Canada, Italy and England were invited to not only exhibit their work, but also to leave their trademarks outside on the streets. Project ASA aims to show that street art is not just a tag on a wall, but it is a creative form of art. This creative form is what will shine in Aalborg Hotel.

Inkie Hosts Charity Auction for Kids

In aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital & Temwa Malawi
Thursday 15th September

Paradise by way of Kensal Green will be hosting the Urban Art Auction on Thursday 15th September, curated by British graffiti artist Inkie, in aid of the Great Ormond Street Hospital and Temwa Malawi.

The last event in 2009 was a huge success and raised over £24,000 for charity, from the sale of artwork donated by urban artists. The night will see more donations of outstanding and original pieces from well-known cult artists including Banksy, Goldie, Eine, 3D (Massive Attack) Cept, Xenz & Mr Jago.

Places are limited, and tickets are available at £50 per person. This includes a three-course meal with the chance to participate in the auction. All bids must be made by ticketholders and the auction will be conducted by leading auction house, Sotheby's. All funds from ticket and auction sales will be donated to the charities. There will also be an opportunity for non-dinner ticketholders to purchase prints from £20 to £100 on the evening.

The curator, acclaimed urban artist Inkie, has a strong personal connection with Great Ormond Street Hospital, which provided his daughter, who was born clinically deaf, with a cochlear implant. As a result of the Hospital's incredible work, she is now able to hear perfectly, which has inspired Inkie to develop the Art Auction charity event to support the cochlear implant unit. Inkie has also previously worked alongside Malawi charity Temwa, and will donate profits from this event to towards a project which enables children in Malawi to protect themselves from contracting HIV.

Inkie was one of the first British graffiti artists to attain mainstream recognition, and was recently named as Banksy's partner-in-crime. He is now Head of Creative Design at Sega as well as focusing on graphic design and clothing. The Times have described him as one of the 'world's most in-demand street artists', and he has had his work featured in books and exhibitions such as Graffiti World, Banksy's Bristol and the LA documentary 'Bomb It'.

Tickets for the event can be purchased by contacting Shelley Martin-Light at Paradise by way of Kensal Green on 020 8969 0098 or  


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Niu Imaginarium Takes Over The Others Gallery in Stoke Newington

Niu Imaginarium Takes Over The Others Gallery in Stoke Newington, London

An evening of independent art & creation through music, video, paintings, poetry, photos, sculptures and more!

London – 5 September 2011: Following successful events in Paris, Barcelona and London, art collective Niu Image is bringing its Niu Imaginarium project back to Stoke Newington, London on Friday, September 23rd, 2011. This non-profit organization, known as "Niu Imaginarium," brings together a wave of artists from different perspectives, such as photography, painting, video, art, music, poetry, drawings, origami and more to create a unique environment where the public can enjoy art and release their own creative spirit. "Niu Imaginarium," an ephemeral one-night experience, proposes to unlock the creative powers within us through a total artistic intervention of space to present an incredible, must-see, live project.

Hosted by the Niu Image art collective, the “Niu Imaginarium” concept is a fresh, sincere and unbiased approach that creates a phenomenal ambiance where the public and artists meet on the same level to candidly exchange views. This event also explores the possibilities and limits of contemporary technology using tools accessible to all of us to shoot "guerrilla" style movies, record music or establish live feeds with other creators around the world.

In "Niu Imaginarium," we are all free – free to express ourselves, write texts, record films, play music, paint walls, dance or whatever else makes us tick. The Niu Image crew leads the way, presenting its own work but also opening doors for unknown creators of all tendencies. By invading every corner of the space with explosions of art and by promoting spontaneous live creations using actors in disguise who interact with the audience; Niu Imaginarium offers a unique, irreproducible night of creation amid the backdrop of a celebration of art.

You can record almost everything nowadays with cheap technological gadgets and you can tweet in real time. But what you cannot do is capture the experience of the Niu Imaginarium, a spontaneous space that brings together different artists with the public and blends them together until we all become part of the Niu Imaginarium.

B-Boy Championships World Finals (October)

Great B-Boy Britain
London' Soul Mavericks to represent at the
2011 B-Boy Championships World Finals

The Soul Mavericks, an eight-strong breakdance collective from London will challenge the greatest b-boy crews from around the globe at the 16th annual B-Boy Championships - World Finals on 16th October at the O2 Academy Brixton.

Having already beaten over 25 of the best crews in the country to win the coveted tile of UK champions, the Soul Mavericks will combine their raw talent with mind-blowing routines to impress the world-class judging panel made up of leading international breakers including Storm, Lamine and Venom.

Annually hosted by original hip-hop pioneers Crazy Legs and Afrika Islam, they will welcome over 5,000 fans to the most revered breaking competition in the world. There will also be special feature performances from World Hip Hop Championships ‘Plague’, one of the most respected streetdance crews on the planet and pocket-sized performers, the Japanese national kids champions, ‘Soooo Funny’ to help to keep the crowd entertained in between the explosive battles.

The B-Boy Championships has pioneered the B-Boy scene from the very beginning and is celebrating the history of the event with new book ‘B-Boy Championships: From Bronx to Brixton’ by DJ Hooch, the first comprehensive and fully-illustrated book on the world of B-Boying. The book is published by Virgin Books, priced £12.99. 


 For more information please visit
Follow us on twitter
Join us on
Watch the battle unfold at

Friday, 2 September 2011

Mari Sarai - Naked - Exhibition

Put 10 on the guestlist please...

3D Artist Joe Hill Finds Car in Giant Pothole

 We're always happy to see artists being utlised by commercial companies, especially if its done creativity. An artist has got to eat at every opportunity. At present numerous TV / Magazine Ads and tv programs in general are being shot with street art as the central theme or at the very least a backdrop.

We heard there was an artist creating a large 3D piece outside the National Gallery so we went someone along to see what was actually taking shape. The artist Joe Hill had been commissioned by corporate giant Autoglass to create a huge 3D pothole to highlight just how bad our roads are the fact they even damage your vehicle. Been there and done that...So, we wondered up one of the hot reps and threw her some questions at her...

What's the message?

To illustrate the extent of the pothole problem blighting our road networks in the UK and to raise awareness of the dangers potholes and poorly maintained roads can cause to road users.

What made Autoglass choose this format to draw attention to this particular cause?

Autoglass® wanted to give a vivid illustration of the pothole problem that the public could interact with physically and through social media channels

How effective has the campaign been in terms of the general public response?

Passers by interacted with the artwork and had their photographs taken. The public responded positively to the artwork and stopped to talk to Autoglass® about their individual concerns with road maintenance in the country.

Did they choose the artist especially or was this an advertising company decision?

LEWIS PR, Autoglass® PR agency recommended commissioning leading 3D street artist Joe Hill

Would Autoglass consider using street artists or graffiti writers for future campaigns?

The artwork had a great response from the public and was an innovative way of getting the message out there, so they would be open to doing stunts of a similar nature in future when relevant.

The artist Joe Hill is internationally renowned for his pieces. A true talent indeed...

Kate Magic - Raw Food & Delights Courses in GOA

The multi-talented Kate Magic has recently expanded her Raw Food Empire into GOA and is currently offering Full Courses in creating Raw Foods and Delights that send the human body into spasms of organic pleasure. Kate wrote for a few issues of LSD Magazine and even gave us some cool recipes. Kate has actually managed to make Raw food and treats into a cool brand...Although she neglected to mention us in the little list of mainstream media listings we forgive her if she sends us some of her delicious chocolate...Make that a box.... ;)

For the first time ever, Kate is offering a chance to receive a Raw Magic Accreditation. On this twenty hour course, Kate will  cover the full spectrum of the Raw Magic lifestyle. From philosophy to sea spaghetti, from B12 to 2012, from relationships to kale chips, we promise that you will finish the course armed with a practical knowledge of how to make magic in the kitchen, along with a transformed awareness of how to empower yourself and implement the magic in your world. Everyone who completes the course satisfactorily will receive a certificate, an endorsement from Kate and Raw Living, which you may use as a credential should you wish to start teaching classes or catering yourself.

We wanted to find the most amazing setting to launch this new programme, and so we will be landing on the shores of India to soak up sun rays and good karma in between classes. Bhakti Kutir is located 200 m above Palolem beach, arguably Goa’s finest and safest beach, on the terraces of a coconut grove. Established by a raw Goan-German couple, the centre is fully equipped to cater for raw foodists. They grow much of their own produce at their local organic 7 acre farm in the jungle, and we will be using as much as possible on the course.

Libby Grant is facilitating the course, and can advise you on travel arrangements and visas, and help you with booking accommodation and making the arrangements for your stay.

Missum's of Miss Bugs (first solo show) Brighton 21st October - 21st November

Missum (Miss Bugs) @ Ink_D Gallery (Brighton)
21st October - 21st November

Missum, one half of street art sensation Miss Bugs,
to exhibit first ever solo work at Ink_d Gallery

Missum is one half of the artist collective Miss Bugs. This unique artistic partnership, founded in 2007, has produced a body of work that has achieved international acclaim and developed a passionate home-grown following. In early 2011, Missum began to explore her own individual aesthetic. Departing from the kinetic, graphically-led collage style that had become synonymous with the work of Miss Bugs, Missum’s focus addresses a more traditional method of printing. This new approach, which incorporates the use of watercolours, collograph and dry-point etching, has given the artist’s work a darker edge that yet imparts a more feminine, softer tone. In these pieces, the artist can be seen to be developing her mark-making, whilst also addressing new themes and pre-occupations. The work resonates feelings of isolation and loss whilst the delicately dark, sombre palatte draws the viewer in to an unforgiving and often unsettling landscape. 15 - 20 original Missum works will be unveiled at the Ink_d Gallery, Brighton on Friday 21st October

About the Artist: Miss Bugs is a collaboration consisting of a male and female artist that have worked together since early 2007. Preferring to keep a low profile, the identity of both artists remains a closely guarded secret. Their work takes iconic imagery from pop culture and art history and reforms it using collage and other mix media methods. Referencing an eclectic range of artists, their work has appropriated Hirst’s spin painting, Koons’ sculptures and Mondriaan’s grids, all recomposed in colleges and silk screens to make what has become an iconic body of work. Miss Bugs have exhibited in London, Los Angeles (Bingo Night at the Promised Land, New Image Gallery, 2010) and New York (Too Many Artists, Brooklynite Gallery, 2009)