Friday, 2 September 2011

Kate Magic - Raw Food & Delights Courses in GOA

The multi-talented Kate Magic has recently expanded her Raw Food Empire into GOA and is currently offering Full Courses in creating Raw Foods and Delights that send the human body into spasms of organic pleasure. Kate wrote for a few issues of LSD Magazine and even gave us some cool recipes. Kate has actually managed to make Raw food and treats into a cool brand...Although she neglected to mention us in the little list of mainstream media listings we forgive her if she sends us some of her delicious chocolate...Make that a box.... ;)

For the first time ever, Kate is offering a chance to receive a Raw Magic Accreditation. On this twenty hour course, Kate will  cover the full spectrum of the Raw Magic lifestyle. From philosophy to sea spaghetti, from B12 to 2012, from relationships to kale chips, we promise that you will finish the course armed with a practical knowledge of how to make magic in the kitchen, along with a transformed awareness of how to empower yourself and implement the magic in your world. Everyone who completes the course satisfactorily will receive a certificate, an endorsement from Kate and Raw Living, which you may use as a credential should you wish to start teaching classes or catering yourself.

We wanted to find the most amazing setting to launch this new programme, and so we will be landing on the shores of India to soak up sun rays and good karma in between classes. Bhakti Kutir is located 200 m above Palolem beach, arguably Goa’s finest and safest beach, on the terraces of a coconut grove. Established by a raw Goan-German couple, the centre is fully equipped to cater for raw foodists. They grow much of their own produce at their local organic 7 acre farm in the jungle, and we will be using as much as possible on the course.

Libby Grant is facilitating the course, and can advise you on travel arrangements and visas, and help you with booking accommodation and making the arrangements for your stay.

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