Friday, 2 September 2011

Missum's of Miss Bugs (first solo show) Brighton 21st October - 21st November

Missum (Miss Bugs) @ Ink_D Gallery (Brighton)
21st October - 21st November

Missum, one half of street art sensation Miss Bugs,
to exhibit first ever solo work at Ink_d Gallery

Missum is one half of the artist collective Miss Bugs. This unique artistic partnership, founded in 2007, has produced a body of work that has achieved international acclaim and developed a passionate home-grown following. In early 2011, Missum began to explore her own individual aesthetic. Departing from the kinetic, graphically-led collage style that had become synonymous with the work of Miss Bugs, Missum’s focus addresses a more traditional method of printing. This new approach, which incorporates the use of watercolours, collograph and dry-point etching, has given the artist’s work a darker edge that yet imparts a more feminine, softer tone. In these pieces, the artist can be seen to be developing her mark-making, whilst also addressing new themes and pre-occupations. The work resonates feelings of isolation and loss whilst the delicately dark, sombre palatte draws the viewer in to an unforgiving and often unsettling landscape. 15 - 20 original Missum works will be unveiled at the Ink_d Gallery, Brighton on Friday 21st October

About the Artist: Miss Bugs is a collaboration consisting of a male and female artist that have worked together since early 2007. Preferring to keep a low profile, the identity of both artists remains a closely guarded secret. Their work takes iconic imagery from pop culture and art history and reforms it using collage and other mix media methods. Referencing an eclectic range of artists, their work has appropriated Hirst’s spin painting, Koons’ sculptures and Mondriaan’s grids, all recomposed in colleges and silk screens to make what has become an iconic body of work. Miss Bugs have exhibited in London, Los Angeles (Bingo Night at the Promised Land, New Image Gallery, 2010) and New York (Too Many Artists, Brooklynite Gallery, 2009)

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