Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Iamdoom/Dirtnail Street Art Show Amsterdam 30th September

Our cool friends at Project ASA (Amsterdam Street Art) sent us details of a show they're currently sponsoring in Holland...If your there or plan to be there go say hi from LSD Mag...

WINE AND CHEESE WILL BE FROM 17h00 - 23h00 (Free)

We won’t make it that difficult for you Iamdoom and Dirtnail is the same person from Eindhoven, but with two different styles. Iamdoom is mainly street art and Dirtnail more illustrative with a dark undertone. Iamdoom is not an artist's name, but rather a project name. If a creative period is closed and there is a new dose of inspiration, it obtains a new name. The topics for the stencil works are mostly about dissatisfaction and how crooked things blend into each other. The illusion is that certain visual triggers makes people think. The constant scraping under the nails of ink and paint was the reason for the artist from Eindhoven to call his new project Dirtnail. The artwork doesn’t have so much of a clear subject. It is rare that the initial idea remains. During the whole process ideas arise. Mostly the pedantic socially critical message fades away and things from the subconscious arise. This keeps it personal. Besides street art, he is also involved in illustration and has been engaged in a period of papercraft and custom plush dolls. Exhibitions have taken place in countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Ireland and France. And now it is time for Aalborg Hotel Amsterdam.

Project Amsterdam Street Art (Project ASA) is a young organization with creative artists and entrepreneurs, who have a passion for street art. Last June their first successful event
was organized in Amsterdam. Artist from The Netherlands and countries such as Belgium, Canada, Italy and England were invited to not only exhibit their work, but also to leave their trademarks outside on the streets. Project ASA aims to show that street art is not just a tag on a wall, but it is a creative form of art. This creative form is what will shine in Aalborg Hotel.

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