Monday, 25 January 2010

Post Morten (Street Artist) - Blend TV Throw Up (high rez)

Old Skool Graffiti Artist 'BUSK' and LSD Magazine's Wayne Anthony (Class of 88) interviewed street artist Post Morten on Saturday 23rd January 2010. The full film / interview is coming to both Blend TV / LSD Magazine in the very near future

Blend TV -
LSD Magazine

Thursday, 21 January 2010

LSD Magazine - Music Promotion

LSD (London Street-Art Design) Magazine have just set up a music page at Sound Cloud for all aspiring recording artistes to upload and share with our online community. Its brand spanking new so we're encouraging everyone to send us their tracks, join our groups, and follow...If your already a Sound Cloud member be sure to get in contact and share your wares... All you need do is follow the link, drop your track in the DropBox and a bunch of machines will store and list your track within our community... So without further delay we give you Sound Cloud...

Roswell Rods - We Are Not Alone!!!

In cryptozoology, ufology, and outdoor photography, rods (sometimes known as "skyfish" or "solar entities"[1]) are elongated artifacts produced by cameras that inadvertently capture several of a flying insect's wingbeats. Videos of rod-shaped objects moving quickly through the air fueled speculation that the atmosphere was filled with a previously unknown species or small UFOs...Various organisations have recently said the images are created by glitches in video / film playback... You tell us , do these things look like glitches...

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sudan 365 - A Beat For Peace

In 2011, a referendum will determine whether or not the Southern region of Sudan becomes independent from the North. Experts fear that instability in the run-up to the referendum or its aftermath could reignite a civil war and cause massive human rights abuses unless international efforts are intensified to find a peaceful path through the next 12 months.

Take part in a world-wide drumming video and help us pressure world leaders to push for peace in Sudan. Simply post a video reply on YouTube - in your video description add a line about who's doing the drumming and where it's happening, then tag it with 'Sudan365' and 'beat for peace'. We'll take the best responses we receive and mix them into a final video - containing clips of drummers from across the globe - to demonstrate the support for international action to prevent further conflict.

Sudan365 is a year of campaigning for Sudan. It has been organised by a coalition of groups including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Save Darfur, FIDH, Refugees International, Darfur Consortium and Arab Coalition for Darfur. More info at

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal (Short Film)

Daizi Zheng - Stereotype

Daizi Zheng

Chinese designer Daizi Zheng has created a project called “Stereotype,” a range of healthy snacks packaged to look like drugs and junk food, including these blueberries in a blister pack.

Winter Graffiti Fun in Snow

These shots were sent in to us though the location wasnt specified...We think its somewhere in the north of England...The wall and sofa are made of snow, the rest paint...

Fimo Sculpture, UV by Cityzenkane

This is another cool bit of street art from artist CZK... Full interview with this artist in LSD Magazine Issue 2...

Sunday, 10 January 2010

LSD Magazine Rewind 2009 (YouTube Film)

LSD Magazine - Rewind 2009 pt1 - 2010

As 2010 snows into action and conventional wisdom grinds to a halt, let's take this opportunity to replace the usual mediocrity of our resolutions with a joining of forces to actually fight for, build and actively nurture a culture that is truly ours and not just consign ourselves to being the Facebook generation of empty clickers. Download the magazine, get involved, share far and wide, send us your projects - let's collaborate - let's make 2010 legendary. Let art meet music, meet wisdom, meet a packed dancefloor, meet creativity of every creed and colour and let's really take the world by the balls and shape it in our own image. Let's shatter genres, break down false barriers both internal and external and let's all work together to realise each other's positive missions in a more fulfilling, dynamic and unified way... Don't just click 'like' - let's get on it and make it happen.

Here's our latest YouTube Flick called LSD Magazine Rewind 2009 (HD version coming);

Thursday, 7 January 2010

BR1 - Italian Street Art

BR1 - “I made a deep research and I discovered that I am the only artist in the street art movement that deals entirely with this topic. Isn’t it strange? In general, the woman is the best source of inspiration for artists, why Muslim women wouldn’t be the same?” The Muslim women are represented in daily life situations, and each is drawn and colored freehand. They are taken from actual images from the media and put out on the street, creating a higher visibility like the image of the Western woman.

Kurt Wenner - 3D Art

Kurt Wenner works in the genre elusive street art (3D street painting), which creates the illusion of depth and three-dimensional image when viewed from a certain point. Kurt Wenner began his career in Rome in 1982.

Official Site

JR - Women of Kibera Kenya

The latest project by JR can be seen in Kibera, Kenya, Africa’s largest slum. The French photographer decorated the rooftops with huge photographs of the Kiberian people. The photographs were printed on waterproof material, which will keep the houses dry in the rainy season. In total, JR covered 2000 square meters of rooftops, and also covered entire trains.

Brazilian Street Art

Great Brazilian Street Art...See more examples HERE

Mud Stenciling - Eco Friendly

How to get a message read? It’s the question activists, artists, and media moguls are all asking. In a world where Internet posts are read more than magazines, and people can handpick how, and what type, of information is allowed into their lives, is it possible to develop a new mode of communication? Turns out, it’s as simple as mud.

Milwaukee artist Jesse Graves was interested in stenciling images to promote environmental awareness, but understanding that the medium is the message he didn’t want to use toxic spray paint.

“They are a low tech, low impact way to put messages in public space,” says Graves.

The stencil designs are cut out of Mylar. The artist uses them to mold mud messages along walls, across sidewalks and around pillars. In the beginning, Graves utilized the format to critique our cultural obsession with products that rely on oil consumption and harmful industrial farming practices. For instance, there is a line drawing of a plastic water bottle with the word ‘OIL’ placed where consumers are conditioned to see a label. Another image is of a cow with two thought bubbles, one with a heart filled with grass, the other an ear of corn with the universal no of a slashed circle.

Interactive Virtual Dog

Virtual pets are getting an upgrade... This amazing bit of kit is programmed to react too human gestures and can gauge whether or not your being friendly merely by body language... Get more info from their site... We snatched this earlier...

'Sniff, simulating the visceral satisfaction of reality’s responsiveness and dynamism, is also an exploration of engagement of two different planes of understanding, and of relationships created by body’s presence in an environment. The experience is very familiar yet strange, leading us to re-examine notions we take for granted. Dog’s behavior externalizes the process of assessment, evaluation and testing we perform every time anything new enters in the scope of our experience. Sniff has us unwittingly enter into an exchange simply by following the basic instinct of stopping and looking at something that is paying attention to us. A tension is produced by a mixture of fears and expectations, curiosity and interest.'

Official Site

Dick Chicken USA

London has Flying Dicks and the USA now has Dick Chicken...

Art Thieves Nick LSD Stik Man

News just coming in… Artist Stik recently gave LSD a limited edition piece commemorating Homelessness in Britain. The piece was part of a free Street Drop which sees artist producing works that's left on the streets for passersby to collect and keep. This gesture doesn't extend to collecting collected pieces from persons lucky enough to be around collecting in the first place.

Hence the Stik LSD piece has been stolen… The thieves then sent us photos…If you've spotted this piece anywhere else Please Send Us Photos…

The Love Police and Smile Police have been contacted...

LSD Chats - David Barros (Too Much Flavour)

David Barros - founder / editor of Too Much Flavour

Tell us more about what you do at Too Much Flavour (2MF)...

It's a street dance and hip hop culture website - street dance being an umbrella term that brings together all the different funk styles since the 1970s. Then it brings together the buzz surrounding it - the elements, competitions, shows, music and fashion.

What influenced you to create the 2MF platform?

I wanted to share my love of dance with others and progress as a journalist. While at university I became aware there wasn't a magazine for people that go to dancing events, so TooMuchFlavour fills that void. Don't get it twisted: I dreamt up 2MF before street dance got as big as it has since Britain's Got Talent! It was a 12 page pilot magazine, but printing's expensive, so I put it online, then incorporated social networking to keep the buzz going and readers coming back. The website shows there's a market for writing about street dance and operates as a portfolio of our work. It's also stands for positivity, introducing people to new things within the culture.

How have long you been running?

January 1st 2009 is when the site officially went live, so it's an easy date for me to remember. Since then, it's gone from me doing all the work into a small team, without whom running things would be much harder!

Any good shows coming up in january / feb 2010?

Plenty. Serious About Streetdance will be the event to kick off the year. It's at Indigo2 on January 22nd, and is the place to see people who are passionate about pushing dance forward, not the type of groups seeking instant fame.

How can folks get in touch?

I'm a social network junkie, so you can always hit us on Twitter (details on the site).