Thursday, 7 January 2010

Interactive Virtual Dog

Virtual pets are getting an upgrade... This amazing bit of kit is programmed to react too human gestures and can gauge whether or not your being friendly merely by body language... Get more info from their site... We snatched this earlier...

'Sniff, simulating the visceral satisfaction of reality’s responsiveness and dynamism, is also an exploration of engagement of two different planes of understanding, and of relationships created by body’s presence in an environment. The experience is very familiar yet strange, leading us to re-examine notions we take for granted. Dog’s behavior externalizes the process of assessment, evaluation and testing we perform every time anything new enters in the scope of our experience. Sniff has us unwittingly enter into an exchange simply by following the basic instinct of stopping and looking at something that is paying attention to us. A tension is produced by a mixture of fears and expectations, curiosity and interest.'

Official Site

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