Thursday, 7 January 2010

LSD Chats - David Barros (Too Much Flavour)

David Barros - founder / editor of Too Much Flavour

Tell us more about what you do at Too Much Flavour (2MF)...

It's a street dance and hip hop culture website - street dance being an umbrella term that brings together all the different funk styles since the 1970s. Then it brings together the buzz surrounding it - the elements, competitions, shows, music and fashion.

What influenced you to create the 2MF platform?

I wanted to share my love of dance with others and progress as a journalist. While at university I became aware there wasn't a magazine for people that go to dancing events, so TooMuchFlavour fills that void. Don't get it twisted: I dreamt up 2MF before street dance got as big as it has since Britain's Got Talent! It was a 12 page pilot magazine, but printing's expensive, so I put it online, then incorporated social networking to keep the buzz going and readers coming back. The website shows there's a market for writing about street dance and operates as a portfolio of our work. It's also stands for positivity, introducing people to new things within the culture.

How have long you been running?

January 1st 2009 is when the site officially went live, so it's an easy date for me to remember. Since then, it's gone from me doing all the work into a small team, without whom running things would be much harder!

Any good shows coming up in january / feb 2010?

Plenty. Serious About Streetdance will be the event to kick off the year. It's at Indigo2 on January 22nd, and is the place to see people who are passionate about pushing dance forward, not the type of groups seeking instant fame.

How can folks get in touch?

I'm a social network junkie, so you can always hit us on Twitter (details on the site).

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