Saturday, 26 December 2009

Banksy v Robbo??

Banksy has recently landed himself in a world of bother though whether he's actually bothered we guess only close peeps would know. Its been said that Banksy was slapped some time ago by old skool writer Robbo so decided some time later to extract revenge by going over one of Robbo's historic (painted 25 years ago) Camden Town pieces. Banksy's artistic career stretches back to the 1980's so its clear he has a firm grasp on graffiti history. Others are saying its been tagged for decades now so who cares whilst old skool writers are up in arms. A quick Google search and you'll find writers up and done the country announcing they will destroy Banksy work on sight.

We've taken some quotes from flickr;

'man thats never forgive, if its stood for 25 years or so you gotta be a special sort of cunt to do that (and i aint usually a banksy hater)'

'thats harsh! a 25yr old Robbo piece basically buffed. Punishment For Banksy. 2010'

'Banksy was a fucking TOY as a writer,had no style,no real pedirgee and would never of stood out from the crowd and he fucking knew he simply copied from the Parisian stencil artists in the 70's and 80's and went and painted some fucking Rats down trendy Bricklane at the right time and BOOM'

'get a grip guys, that Robbo piece had been gone over tons of times, it was proper trashed. The only visible part was the last O'

'Fuck it, if you wanna keep it, stick it in a museum, cover it in perspex.. whatever.. styles evolve, walls evolve, . LIke I said, that piece was trashed, I imagine Banksy meant to honour it, not disrespect the scene.'

'somehere must know Banksy's studio address, someone should post it on line to teach him a lesson.'

'What Banksy has done (readin between the lines) is the act of a Sad man..'

'that is truly disgusting behaviour. i think the fame has gone to that wanker's head.'

'fucking wanker!! i hope i see a photo of this taken out by the end of the week

Im sure 10 FT will carry the torch on that one.'

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