Monday, 14 December 2009

LSD Art Supplement 101 - Download Now

LSD Art Supplement 101 - Cool Investments 4 Crimbo

As we freeze our nuts off and get steadily more homicidal at the endless Christmas themed assault on our senses, rather than electrocuting Santa with a quick rewiring of the Oxford Street Christmas lights or liberating a thousand live turkeys in a particularly smug branch of Sainsbury’s, why not score yourself or your loved ones a wicked piece of very reasonably priced art and forget that mug who won the X Factor last night is going to be driveling down the airwaves for the next month.

Street is all well and good, and it is the purest medium of all, but artists do need to live and continue to fund their public mission, and who can resist a fine piece of guerilla inspired artwork on their wall anyway. We’re playing concerned connectors in this supplement rather than Mr 10%, so all these links take you straight through to either the artist themselves or an approved dealer, so have a flick through this short but deeply powerful collection of works, and see what grabs your eye and your heart.

We’ll see you next week for the launch of LSD Issue 3 – fat and heaving – but in the meantime, shoot Ant and Dec, nick their bloody Wii Fit and spend the cash you’ve saved on some cracking creativity….. BIG LOVE

Wayne Anthony and Sirius



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