Wednesday, 30 September 2009


The wise ones say, when duality is dissolved and what appears to be separate and in opposition is realized as being one, life will be a continuous flowing stream of joy and natural highness …

But before this sense of balance is created…we must experience the extreme!

On September 26,2009, Mid City Art Gallery, in Los Angeles California, presents “BEAUTY and the BEAST”. The courageous Installation/Exhibition from two of the most dynamic and opposing forces within the world of Spray Can Art… COPE 2 and CHORBOOGIE.

COPE 2 is a king and a Graffiti legend from the Bronx whose reputation for bombing has earned him the title “God of Destruction”. CHORBOOGIE is the rising Sun of California who’s work is purely legal, spiritual and therapeutic.

Two diverse and powerful individuals who have traveled the world afar with two totally different approaches, philosophies and techniques Will come together to expand create build and destroy our expectations our beliefs and our limitations of what art is …

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Knit the City - LSD Magazine Interview

Knit the City
Exclusive LSD Interview (Issue Two Out Now)

Yarn-Storming is fast becoming a big hit with newly found knitting clubs
falling over themselves to cover fair cities around the world in brightly colored
Knit the City are based in the UK so we couldn't resist catching up with
the ladies and judging by their nicknames we expected to find some hackers
turned graffiti artists turned knitters but we were wrong...Purple Purler,
Shorn-a the Dead, Knitting Ninja, Lady Loop, Bluestocking Stitch...

Knit the City Website

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Strange Days Show


1-30th September 2009 at
Nellie Dean, 89 Dean St, London W1

STARCHILD will be presenting his 3rd solo show in Soho this September

Starchild’s work has been making waves in the contemporary art world with his bold, energetic paintings which utilise obscure printed material and a vibrant mix of paint, spray and cartoon imagery. This exhibition continues his tradition of abstract and semi figurative exploration utilising elements of forgotten media- from 1960s glamour magazines to 1930s auto trade manuals, remixed with pop imagery and random graphic elements in his attempt to illustrate a world constantly in flux.

Despite not claiming to be a part of the urban art scene, his work has been embraced by it. Starchild has exhibited extensively in London and Bristol, selling his work alongside artists such as Banksy and Sickboy. This summer he took part in UPFEST, The world’s biggest urban paint festival. His work has also recently broken into the US . This is an unmissable opportunity to see and buy his latest work and limited edition prints.

There is a private view on Thursday 3rd September from 6pm.

for further details email

Official Site

The Cube - Show and Tell