Sunday, 10 January 2010

LSD Magazine Rewind 2009 (YouTube Film)

LSD Magazine - Rewind 2009 pt1 - 2010

As 2010 snows into action and conventional wisdom grinds to a halt, let's take this opportunity to replace the usual mediocrity of our resolutions with a joining of forces to actually fight for, build and actively nurture a culture that is truly ours and not just consign ourselves to being the Facebook generation of empty clickers. Download the magazine, get involved, share far and wide, send us your projects - let's collaborate - let's make 2010 legendary. Let art meet music, meet wisdom, meet a packed dancefloor, meet creativity of every creed and colour and let's really take the world by the balls and shape it in our own image. Let's shatter genres, break down false barriers both internal and external and let's all work together to realise each other's positive missions in a more fulfilling, dynamic and unified way... Don't just click 'like' - let's get on it and make it happen.

Here's our latest YouTube Flick called LSD Magazine Rewind 2009 (HD version coming);

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