Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Death of the DEANER - Bristol

Just in from Bristol GSA - Development set to tear down one of the oldest halls of fame in Bristol

Today, Bristol GSA recieved the following email.....

We have received information for the following pre-app in Booth Road. This is not a major but we would like to know if you consider this of special significance and that we should therefore treat it as a Type 2?
Pre-application number: 11/01524/PREAPP
Ward: Southville
Date received by Council: 13-Apr-11
Site address: Shapet Joinery Booth Road Bristol BS3 1BP
Proposal: Demolition of existing, vacant industrial unit and construction of a residential apartment block to incorporate 9 x 1-bed flats (Option 1) or 6 x 1-bed flats (Option 2).
Developer: Landowner, contact: d.threadingham@eastonbevins.co.uk
Case officer: Lewis Cook
We gather you have a meeting on Wednesday with your group when perhaps you could discuss this. I look forward to hearing from you after that.
Clare Wilks
Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network

Below is a meassage from the DEPP (Dame Emily Park Project), who want to help SAVE the GRAFFITI at the Deaner

There is a long tradition of graffiti work in Dame Emily. A few years ago, the workshop at the top of Dame Emily, a major graffiti wall, was pulled down. The site has planning permission for housing and the boards currently seperating the site from the park are temporary only.

The loss of the Booth Road workshop will mean the loss of another wall.

It seems that there are two ways forward
1. accept the reduction and possible elimination of graffiti work at Dame Emily

2. find some way of replacing the lost walls by new ones.

This will mean the LOSS of 2 walls at the Deaner...

All suggestions and Idea's can be emailed tat brisgraffstreetart@gmail.com

We will keep everyone updated, with the progress of this sad situtation....

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