Monday, 9 January 2012

Nice Up the Walls - Street Art Project Jamaica 2012

STAGE 1: Paint on walls, establish viable locations for future paints, network local shops, schools, organisations and residents to partake and build with us (January/February 2012). Establish a broader framework for Stage 2.

STAGE 2: We will return to the island with a bigger team of artists, create more street paintings, hold lots of workshops and publish a book.

STAGE 3: This will build a creative centre, housing workshops for street children, art residencies for up-and-coming artists and a permanent art gallery. A second aim will be to work with the music industry, providing graphics and visual language; for music videos, record covers, logos, tee shirts etc. Ultimately a soundtrack to the film might also generate a commercial value to finance future stages.

Stage One

From mid January to mid February 2012, Louis Masai Michel and Linda Zina Aslaksen will be in Jamaica.

They are going to paint; on the street walls, businesses, in schools, abandoned buildings, up in the hills and maybe even a buss or two. Between the two of them, around 15 freehand spray painted images, in addition to pasting paper based images and spraying stencils will be created.

The whole process will be documented on video and camera, capturing the painting, the people, the country and its irie vibes. On return to London, an exhibition will be held showcasing the edited film, photos, and new works, which will be created as a result of the experience. The exhibition will be in a space outside of a traditional white gallery; the outside, rustic experience from Jamaican street life will be captured. A Caribbean essence will be recreated in way of a show installation, amongst paintings and framed photos; a shanty style shack, will be painted directly on to.

Who are Linda Aslaken and Louis Masai Michel?

It’s a good question…
both are up and coming talented artists.
They live and work in a studio in London; looking for ways to present their creativity.

Louis fine art trained, self taught spray paint artist, fuses human attributes to animals combining fabric patterns, Victorian artefacts and reclaimed wood, working both in 3d and 2d. More details can be found here.


Linda is an illustrator and also self taught spray paint artist. She focuses on portraiture, mythology, steam punk and decorative patterns.


More importantly they love creating, and want to leave artwork as gifts in a country that has had little, if any exposure to what has become the art worlds biggest fascination in the last ten years. Streetart…

They are looking for donations/funding of any amount, in return of different types of rewards (incl artworks) which will be stated on the Crowdfunding site. They also want to establish collaborations with enterprises within the island surroundings to use walls and maintain a creative working relationship.  Possible sponsors are also welcome.

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