Friday, 26 August 2011

Good Times @ Notting Hill Carnival Canceled 2011


It is with real sadness and profound regret that I am left with no alternative but to officially announce today that GOOD TIMES sound system are unable to participate in this year’s Notting Hill carnival festivities due to a myriad of extenuating circumstances, some of which were simply beyond our control. After endless meetings, countless late night brainstorming sessions and many sleepless nights, we concluded it just wasn’t possible for us this year to present a show worthy of your high expectations of us.


So after more than 3 decades of deejaying at the Notting Hill carnival (20 of those at our current location on the corner of West Row and Southern Row) entertaining generations of our fans, the realisation that we cannot be there on August 28th and 29th has been a particularly devastating one for us all to come to terms with. Saying that, on a more positive note, we feel that a one year sabbatical away from carnival and all that it entails will prove to be of real benefit to all concerned in the long run, giving us all a bit of time and space to evaluate what it really means to be part of the greatest street festival in Europe. A precedent has already been set with regard to established UK festivals taking a gap year with even the ‘mother’ of all UK festivals, GLASTONBURY officially announcing a one year break in 2012. Good Times will not be hosting an official after party either this year.

I must stress at this point that the world famous Notting Hill Carnival NEEDS to be supported and needs your continued support. Although it remains the UK’s largest FREE cultural event, Notting Hill carnival continues to offer the visitor unrivalled cultural and musical experiences throughout the weekend which still NEEDS to be supported and needs your support. And even though our GOOD TIMES sound system is unable to be there this year, I implore you dedicated music and party loving fans to still come along on August bank holiday weekend and enjoy more than just the sight and sounds of the iconic red double decker bus.

All that remains to be said is that GOOD TIMES would like to sincerely thank you for over 30 unbelievable years of continuous partisan support, not only of our original sound system but of our music events and brand too.

Therefore we very much look forward to seeing you massed around West Row and Southern Row in 2012. So all is not as bad as it at first seems. We will be back!

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