Tuesday, 23 August 2011

5Pointz NYC - Petition to Stop Demolition (ASAP)

The old skool and new skool graffiti heads of New York are seeking your help and signiture to rescue the world famous Hall of Fame 5Pointz in Queens. If your up on the history of graffiti then you already know this spot but if your new to this HOF then 5Pointz is the mecca of New York graffiti. Today they find themselves in a David and Goliath scenario as big business move in to demolish the site. They've created a petition and since your all avid internet heads why not go along and sign your name out of love for history but more so the love of graffiti. We interviewed MeresOne in a past issue of LSD Magazine he has been a key figure there for many years 

Here's a few videos...

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Official HOME

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