Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lazer Fist (first) Solo Exhibition Australia 26th-11th September

Friday the 26th of August - Sunday 11th of September
(Opening night 6PM)

Rtist Gallery continues to showcase the best in the urban art scene, both locally and internationally. This new exhibition is no exception. Lazer Fist is a English born graphic designer, who is inspired by Skateboarding, Graffiti, Hip-Hop and Design culture. “To be able to keep introducing such international talent to the Melbourne art-scene through our Gallery is super exciting” said Jeremy Gaschk, Head Curator at Rtist.

Lazer Fist’s budding art career started at the tender age of 6 years old. “At school, when it was raining the teachers wouldn't let us go outside, so we had to stay in the classroom and draw. Most of my classmates couldn't draw, I always got asked to sketch things so they could colour them in." Inspiration during his teen years came from the skateboarding scene. “There was so much creativity in all aspects of it” said Lazer Fist. It taught him to be as creative as possible wherever he was, whatever he was doing.

Lazer Fist's foray into the graphic art scene continued when he decided to attend Mid Warwickshire Art College for 2 years in '92. “Back then graphic design was all about drawing birds with Rotring pens and magic markers” said Lazer Fist. He really wanted to do more screen printing so he spent 3 years at University doing a textile design course, but he liked to get messy and abstract with his work which the tutors couldn't handle. “The good thing to come out of my University Textiles course was making friends with a girl who became a big shot at Kangol Headwear Europe” said Lazer Fist. As a Hip-Hop fan with newly acquired graphic design skills, he was pretty excited to be getting freelance work on a regular basis from a classic brand like that, plus it meant loads of free hats. As-well as working on and off for Kangol for a couple of years, Lazer Fist also worked for Levi's and Ninja Tune.
The name Lazer Fist name was birthed randomly when one day he rocked up to work carrying a bunch of stickers with the first Lazer Fist logo. It quickly became a bit of an in-joke amongst his friends, however gradually everyone wanted the stickers and soon the Lazer Fist name was turning up everywhere. Lazer Fist had t-shirts, art prints, and started to get involved in group shows like the Villain Store custom Munny shows and the No-Vacancy Gallery art market. This helped solidify the Lazer Fist name within the urban street culture and art scene.

Now some 5 years later, Lazer Fist has decided it was time to have a solo exhibit in Australia bringing all his artistic skills together into one incredible space. Showcasing an impressive number of works (seriously impressive), this show will be unlike any other yet exhibited at Rtist Gallery.

The exhibition opens at Rtist to the general public on Friday the 26th of August at 6PM. Rtist Gallery is located at 29 St Edmonds Rd, Prahran.

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