Thursday, 4 August 2011

Kirsty Whiten - F e r a l F a m i l y - Mammalian Pastoral

F e r a l F a m i l y - Mammalian Pastoral
by Kirsty Whiten

Thursday 1st September - 25th September
StolenSpace Gallery
The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

F e r a l F a m i l y
Mammalian Pastoral

A new series of large-scale paintings from Kirsty Whiten, depicting moments of family intimacy set in a psychedelic forest. Bare, essential scenes with infants, beautiful and frightening in one breath, see us stripped of clothes and technology, bringing to mind apocalypse and the great ape ancestors.

These are people made of each other; the vulnerable, the intimate, the real, the true of families; of mothers, fathers, helpers, raisers of children, protectors, connectors.

Nature and Nurture; what’s natural, instinctual, innate. What’ll do for now. What’ll keep us safe.

These scenes of the mammalian pastoral are set to take our Victorian ideas of motherhood as selfless and self-sacrificial and show it awkward, raw: mother as a brimming cup. A woman in demand, and in danger.

The beauty and complexity of naturalistic, animalistic, instinctual behaviours.

Their commonplace involvement in everyday life.

The meaning they impart about our existence

Our e v o l u t i o n .

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