Friday, 19 August 2011

Gamma Proforma’s GP2011 @ XOYO London 19th August

Exploring duality in Art & Music, Gamma Proforma’s GP2011 events feature three distinct UK artists with a common thread, they operate on Dual Channels. Three events at XOYO London during August/September 2011. Each event launches a set of Giclee prints and a soundtrack album by the featured artist. The artists will be in attendance and will perform works at the events.The first 30 attendees at each event will receive a limited edition artist’s pack that includes a signed Giclee print and hand made soundtrack. Support from DJ’s Noel Watson & Nate Thompson plus guests.

Part 1. The Art & Sounds of Elph – 6.30pm, Friday 19th August 2011 @ XOYO London

Elph’s art is in a world of it’s own, literally. A man with an eye for style, his quirky cool female characters occupy the hazy streets & substations of planet Elph. His Pilot Nishiko sound works are derived from his paintings, transcribing patterns and strokes to midi signals. The results are hypnotic, serene and flowing with that same atmos that drips off the page...


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