Wednesday, 12 May 2010

RSH vs. BRISTOL @ Upfest


June 5 & 6th 2010 /

UpFest Bristol, the UK's largest urban art festival with 200 participating artists and over 8k visitors, has invited graffiti artist RSH (Raymond Salvatore Harmon) to contribute an astounding 50 square
meter (538 sq ft) piece to this year's festival. Covering the entire surface of an empty lot just around the corner from the Tobacco Factory Harmon's piece will be the largest work by a single artist ever
presented at UpFest.

Harmon's psychedelic pieces have been haunting the streets of London for the past few years. His hallucinatory sea-monster like creations can be found creeping out of canals, across streets and under bridges. As one of the few artists who work dominantly on the ground (as opposed to walls) Harmon's pieces often encompass entire street intersections and underpasses. (More recently Harmon has been plastering the UK with his anti-Tory "Remember Thatcher!" stenciled posters.)

RSH will be painting live on the afternoon of June 5th.

June 5 and 6th 2010
Tobacco Factory
Raleigh Road, Bristol

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