Thursday, 27 May 2010

LSD Magazine Interviews artists Best Ever

LSD: You originally started out as graffiti writers, tell us a little about the journey from writing on walls to creating photorealistic wall impressions.

B: in around 2005 I'd kind of had a break from painting letters for a year or so when me and a couple of others began getting involved in commissions and so forth. I've always drawn and painted using other mediums pretty well so it was a pretty easy transition for me

E.for me just writing my name wasn't enough.

You were a member of the 54 Crew, writer Busk tells us you guys used to paint trains whilst completely naked. Would you mind sharing a funny story about painting in your birthday suit?

B: ha ha, there's so many funny stories… One of the standouts had to be one time when we were working on a community project subsidised by the local police force… one of the members of the crew fancied himself as a bit of a Lothario (anyone who knew us at this point will know who i mean), and managed to blag us round to a young WPC's house for drinks after a day on the job. The cheeky bastard then managed to blag a shower there, and swiped a pair of her knickers in the process, which he promptly donned whilst  painting his panel later that night… that was what it was like all the time, you'd be painting your piece in nothing but a pair of socks and look up and down the train and see all your mates doing the same funny shit and just crease up thinking 'what would the trackies think if it came on top now?'

FULL INTERVIEW IN LSD Magazine Issue 5...

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