Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Artists Getting Arrested in Hackney Wick

Yesterday we heard the alarming news that a wall besides the canal in Hackney Wick known to LSD readers as simply The Wall has recently been deemed illegal to paint on which has come as quite a surprise to everyone involved more so the artists currently on bail awaiting court dates.  This hotspot has been painted almost daily for years without any threat of police hit squads and Olympic Security Personnel in specialised boats.  Apparently the boat-boys have actually been spying on the wall and informing police when artists are present.  The police then arrive at location and rush artists from both sides of the canal leaving no obvious escape. Eager to send out a message the police are actually charging creative types with criminal damage etc.

This is being conducted without any prior warning of the change in status. No warning signs or anything have been put up. The Wall is one of the best in London and has been painted by some of the worlds top street artists and graffiti writers. Even taggers have left the main wall alone out of respect for the art.

We cant say that artists are being arrested everyday but we do know some that have so keep your eyes open for the informers sorry, boat-boys that think they are special forces and for loads of blokes in high res jackets moving at speed.

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