Thursday, 27 May 2010

LSD Magazine mentioned in Hackney Gazette (re: arrested artists)

We recently blogged the news of artists getting arrested in Hackney Wick (see here) and was contacted by the boroughs leading newspaper The Hackney Gazette for any comments on the matter. It should be noted that this paper has actually covered a number of street art related topics over the past twelve months. Its usually Banksy that gets their pulses racing so its nice to see another angle for a change. Fairplay to the lads for covering this important matter. The officials could've at least fired a few warning shots before charging in and arresting creative types. The mentioned hotspot is off road and away from residential properties. The art found here is of a very high standard and the artists sell their works from £1 - £1 million...

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  1. I saw the earlier post and emaild it to Dave Hill at the Guardian who has been covering the impact of the Olympic Development on the local area. Maybe worth contacting him directly to see if you can gewt some steam up... dave.hill AT