Sunday, 16 May 2010

Free Poster Boy - The New York Post

Judge nails 'poster boy' to the wall
EXACTO-ING JUSTICE: After Judge Michael Gary (below) made an error that let "Poster Boy" Henry Matyjewicz (above) slide for cutting up subway ads, he jailed him for failing to show up to his hearing.

Hell hath no fury like a judge embarrassed.

A red-faced Brooklyn jurist -- smarting from an oversight that forced him to let a subway vandal go free last week -- yesterday seized on the man's inability to show up in court to hit him with 11 months behind bars. Justice Michael Gary said the failure of the subway vandal-artist known as Poster Boy to appear in court last Thursday meant his carefully negotiated no-jail plea was now worthless.
"I owe you nothing," Gary told Poster Boy, whose real name is Henry Matyjewicz, 28.
Matyjewicz's lawyer, Kerry Gotlib, said the judge's action was unreasonable and vowed to appeal.

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