Friday, 14 May 2010

LSD Magazine - New Facebook Page - Join US!

As spring hurtles gloriously toward summer through a cloud of volcanic ash and a haze of paint fumes and the blaze of international imagination takes light for our first anniversary issue this summer, we’d like to take the opportunity to profoundly thank you all for your love and support on this seismic trip. With an online readership rapidly approaching six figures and climbing in less than a year, with passion, energy and sizzling creativity flooding in from all four corners of the globe, we have set up a new page for updates about the LSD project as we will no longer be able to message you on Facebook once group membership hits 5000.

And pages are not called ‘fan pages’ any more. We don’t do ‘fans’ Please join our new page at the link below, share it far and wide, up and down – side to side and join us on the next scorching chapter of this conscious ride. Massive love and respect going out to each and every one of you – the diversity and dynamic positivity of this group has astonished us and we thank you all for your support.... We’ll be back with the extraordinary issue taking shape as we speak for our first anniversary in July, and our blog is updated almost daily to keep you all firmly locked into the creative currents on any given day..

Big Love

Wayne (class of 88) and Sirius (Spiral Tribe)

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