Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Wicked new chilled out global dubstep grooves from South African based producer Indidginus and a host of collaborators hits the streets...........

Heaving bass ends and sunshine soaked tropical grooves whirl through filthy urban drops and gloriously unexpected tribal influences as Indidginus surfs global sofas whipping together a furious fusion of collaborators, riddims, flavas, twinkling soul and genre unspecific, digital passion. An album in the classic sense – themed yet utterly diverse – Indidginus blends world music and flashes of deep left field into fascinatingly unexplored territory as glittering basslines wrap themselves round haunting, heartfelt vocals, playing the all embracing off the down n dirty as a succession of liquid, intercontinental , trans dimensional melodies float across the synthesis.

Tracks as diverse as the psy breaks, Balkan laced trance of Madam Blertas Carnival with OOOD melt into the heartstrings of Lost Coast featuring Shamen guitarist Colin Angus who is a million miles away from the dubious pop of his former band and dripping with all the emotion of the blues. Suns of Arqa lay down the ethereal vocals on Out of the Dark before the heavy dancehall vibes kick to the fore with Wobble and Buzz featuring Raggasoldier, ruffin up the pace and the calypso, arabian flavours of Mercy Me (eat. EJ Von Lyrik, Steve Newman and Fletcher sail away on a pacific breeze

An intriguing album from someone definitely to keep an eye on as the he continues surfing those sofas and swapping the cushions round as he goes. Fantastic stuff.

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