Friday, 8 July 2011

Graffiti Writer 'RMER 1' says Dont Panic!

Wales - Vandals, Writers and Artists - Lets 'ave it!

Rmer 1 AKA Bradley Woods, is an aerosol artist and graphic designer.

Rmer has been drawing on walls from an early age. He first set his sights on graffiti in the mid 80s and immediately knew this is what he wanted to do. By the dawn of the 90s he was starting to use spray cans to produce his art and in 1999, along with local Cardiff writers Hoxe, Skroe, Foe and Dyes he started his website Cruel Vapours.

Rmer's skills are best seen in his characters and realistic abstract photo work. Over the past decade Rmer and Cruel Vapours have had their art featured in many international publications and painted/exhibited in countries such as Holland, France, Ireland, the US and Australia.

Rmer now runs a graffiti art/graphic design studio called illustrate project in Cardiff, specialising in commercial mural commissions and youth/community art projects throughout the UK.


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