Monday, 25 July 2011

New York's BKC (Bustin Knee Caps) Crew coming to LSD Magazine Soon

Brass Knuckle Crew (old graffiti crew from the late 1970s) recently had a stickie show in New York., meanwhile here's a few words from New York Writers Rid.1. & Jice.1... We plan on interviewing the crew for a future edition


'We got started in the mid to late 70'S. We had fun during the train days and now have gotten into the sticker game. The sticker crew is BKC (Bustin Knee Caps) which doesn't discriminate. Our goal is to become global. This gallery show was to help promote & show society that art comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes.  People where amazed that such talent could be done on such a small scale. The gallery event was planned for 1 day, but with a great turn out, all forms of artwork, colors and sizes, the gallery gave us a 4 week showing.  The stickers were placed on 1/2" thick foam boards that had been done in various art forms (sprayed, markers, inks,) whatever we felt like doing as a background.  Then the stickies were stuck on using a high tack (removable) 2 sided industrial tape, this way if  you are an art collector, you could have the boards as artwork and remove the stickies to collect, or whatever you felt like doing.'

Thanks to friends of LSD @ Low Life Gallery
Cleverland, Ohio, USA

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