Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Street Artist Stik gets Tagged by 'Propety Specialists'

In this issue's (5) interview with street artist Stik we mentioned he comes from a political family background when in fact what Stik actually meant by family is the people, artists, and crews currently in his life...

He recently took the time out to paint a piece on a spot in Broadway Market, a spot which no-one has bothered to paint on or advertise in. Then some of Satan's clever little helpers spotted an advertising opportunity albeit at the behest of a local street artist. This is what Stik said

'This was a permitted piece about gentrification on Hackney Broadway on a hoarding that has been blank for years. Follow the disdainful eye-line and you see the disused shell of the east end cafe lying empty after the famed forced eviction around 5 years ago. Covered up illegally by estate agents sign within hours. To be continued...' 

Its funny how the little things can sometimes bring everyone together with but one objective. Street artists are now speaking of collecting and using the companies boards in street art installations. Though many of them are watching for the next MOVE! 

Judging from the poor decision to allow the boards to go public when they clearly have difficulty with spelling the word 'PROPETY' we just might be hearing more from this story...

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