Friday, 20 August 2010

LSD Magazine Interviews - Bruno Leyval (Issue 5)

LSD Magazine spoke to French artist Bruno Leyval about the things that inspire his heartfelt work...

Much of your work defines the human story and shows you have an affinity with mankind, did you consciously choose to record such emotion or did it just happen that way?

On my website I wrote 'My work is often centred on social struggles, fight of minorities, racism and on men and women who fight for their rights and those of their people. I still have the naivety to believe that the Art can change the world and I claim the side utopian of my work !' It's my way and my favorite medium is the black and the white because allows to go to the main, without flourish nor ornament. 

When your first starting painting on the streets of France did you envision painting walls around the world ?

I do not consider myself a street artist, for me the street is just one more medium to express myself, just as paper or canvas. So to answer your question, when I travel, I do not feel the need to leave my mark. I prefer to take pictures, fill me with the location, culture and people's lives and then transcribe my feelings in the quiet of my studio.

You've been painting in London on various occasions, do you think that London is an important city to place your works ?

Of course, London was a very important step for my work ! I loved painting at Cargo and Hackney Wick in 2009



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