Friday, 27 August 2010

LSD Magazine Interviews - Inkfetish (Issue 5)

How long you been painting and what made you decide to go that route?

I've been painting walls for about 7 years, and drawing my whole life. I ventured into using acrylics for canvas work about 5 years back.

You do lots of legal work, is this a decision you consciously made or did it just pan out that way?

A couple of arrests and the fact that I like to take my time quickly made me realise that painting legally in the streets was the best option...the legal/illegal context isn't that important to me...I just like to paint big.

Your iconic characters can be seen around London, what influences your work most?

At this point of time, lots of different factors. Comics, anime, Japanese culture, and recently vintage cartoon characters from America are all playing their part...

Tell us a little about the comics you've self published…Including your first edition 'No Strings'

I grew up wanting to be a comic book artist but realised later in life that the control freak in me would find it an incredibly difficult industry to work in at any professional level from a financial and creative point of view. I've always been into contemporary versions of fairy tales. In 2005 I self published 'No Strings'- my own version of Pinocchio, a story that was already implanted in the public psyche. It was never one of my favorite childhood movies but I definitely found something in it pretty unsettling. Viewing it again with adult eyes, there's definitely some pretty twisted subtext in there. My comic version acted as a surreal prequel to Disney's version and was really a chance to do something subversive with Disney's iconography,- something I've actually injected into some of my recent pieces. I'd published a few zine type things before that but 'No Strings' was my first comic. I still have all of the hand drawn original artwork that I'd like to exhibit at some point.


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