Thursday, 19 August 2010

Graffiti Writers Warning 2 Big Brother's 'Sam' in Hackney Gazette

A number of recent street art graffiti enthusiasts that have subscribed to the gazette for decades have been keeping LSD up to date on related articles that feature in the local rag. Every time an art piece features in the gazette we get texts and pristine copies of the newspaper for our archives. So first we should say thank you to those wonderful 'oldish' ladies for closely scrutinising their favorite newspapers in search of the latest painted piece. Meanwhile back on the ranch, LSD recently reported that Team Eastside warned big brothers 'fake graffiti writer'  Sam to stay out of Hackney otherwise he'll get painted head to toe (SEE HERE). The story was picked up by the Hackney Gazette and for a change we got loads of texts from our eager 'old' ladies announcing that 'LSD is in the 'ackney' As most of you know we don't do car crash TV unless it mentions street art graffiti of course...

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