Monday, 13 July 2009

The Spirit Beast by Norman Parker (LSD Magazine)

LSD Writer Norman Parker

We are quite frankly seriously chuffed to welcome Norman Parker to the pages of LSD magazine as a regular contributor. Norman has had, shall we say, a chequered career. Banged up for murder at the age of 26, and surrounded by a theatrical cast of villains from the Kray boys to that lovely young lad every parent hopes their daughter will bring home, Charles Bronson, Norman set about making his presence felt inside with a roll call of riots, hunger strikes and escape attempts. Determined not to be broken by the system or conform to the ‘I batter therefore I am’ 2 dimensional bad boy image, he did a tumultuous and turbulent stretch, in and out of solitary before his eventual release.

Rather than start sawing off a shotgun or shuffling off to the Job Centre to sign on, Norman used the honours degree he had illuminated his last few years inside with to go on and become a hugely successful author and commentator. Starting to write in the twilight years of his sentence, Norman published his first book, Parkhurst Tales which went on to sell 25,000 copies. Four books and a masters degree in criminology later, Norman is clean as a whistle, fit to a level that would make Jane Fonda weep, a true gentleman and one of life’s shining characters. He’s joined the firm here at LSD magazine where the only weapons are creativity and imagination – far more threatening than a baseball bat as he discovered in prison. The first issue finds Norman chatting up anacondas in the Amazon, sidestepping crocodiles, and leaving a shaman deeply troubled that some spirits were just past saving…… God knows what the lovable rogue will be up to in the next issue

Check website site for his book listing

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