Monday, 13 July 2009

LSD Press Release 102

LSD London Street-Art Design (Free Magazine) No Permission No Control

LSD magazine is a loud, proud and totally cutting edge take on the creativity bombing our senses and our souls on the streets of the modern world. But just like the art itself, we ain’t talking a purely visual experience but a full wide angle lens on the currents of our culture… In the first issue alone we have a gloriously eclectic range of artists from the tribal technicolour of Chor Boogie to the world of Fake, via the old skool writing and design of Kay One all the way to the haute couture handbags of Dirk Robertson a la Sainsbury’s plastic bags skidding through the ferocious talent of street artists far and wide along the ride…

But it doesn’t stop there – The freshest fiction and poetry out there, the Amazon voyage of Norman Parker – scourge of shamans and all round dark motherfucker, guest writer William Burrows who liked our style so much that he did a swift bit of afterlife astral projecting to contribute….. The story of vinyl, the nature of control, how to blog a motorway, viral sheep, health sections, the finest in new music, the legal status of photography , rants from the film world , free copies of Urban Smuggler - the list goes on for over 300 pages all brought screaming out of your screen with galleries of the edgiest art around before the natural rhythm of the streets cover them with fresh paint – just in time for the next issue...SEPTEMBER 2009

LSD London Street-Art Design

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