Friday, 17 July 2009

Banksy found in the Old Country July 2009

Banksy in Africa (Mali?)

Photographs recently appeared on the Banksy website showing scenes of an African nature in Africa. Some are saying its Mali but official sources have not yet confirmed. Whispers have been circulating on the art-vine that Banksy actually uses a team of people who put stencils up for him. Personally speaking we don't care if Banksy puts them up or a street team we're happy to see street art touching those far away places in the way this work has touched us. Its only when the worlds press speak of Banksy as if he were the only artist alive that artists get their back up. However, this cant be blamed on the man himself, neither can the monetary value of his work. In the next issue we'll be speaking with various bodies that seem to represent the artist and find out the process for authenticating Banksy art.

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